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A tree falls on a vehicle: the service is working on a complaint

Posted on: Wednesday August 18, 2021

By: Sidney Skinner

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This tree suddenly overturned in the traffic path in this part of Jalan Penempatan on a Sunday morning in December.

THE Public Works Department (PWD) dealership is processing a claim from a motorist in Kolombong for damage to his 4×4 when a tree fell on the vehicle. A spokesperson for the company confirmed that management had received the driver’s compensation claim. “This case is still under investigation and has been referred to the insurance company responsible for handling such cases,” she said.


“The applicant will be informed of the outcome once a decision has been made. When asked how long it would take to finalize these details, she declined to comment.

The motorist stares helplessly at the debris under which his four-wheeler is trapped.

“We were made aware of the claim after the PWD received the driver’s request a few months ago.” The spokeswoman confirmed that the edge, on which the tree had grown, was under departmental maintenance because the section was listed in the agency’s road log. When it came to pruning the trees on the shoulder, however, there was no set schedule, she said. “Greenery is only maintained when it becomes necessary. “Trees are usually pruned in response to any complaints we receive that branches are overgrown and obstructing the view of drivers. MATH from Kolombong was walking Jalan Penempatan down to the traffic light intersection, where the road meets Jalan Kolam, when the tree spilled on his double cabin in December. “I was heading to Foh Sang from the Bukit Padang area around 9:30 am,” he said.

The front windshield of the double cabin was seriously damaged.

“I could see the Foo Chow association building on my right, when the tree collapsed on the opposite side of the main road. “The impact gave me the shock of my life. Fortunately, I did not lose control of my four-wheeler and hit nearby road users. Although he was shaken by what happened, he was not injured and was still able to open his car door. However, the heavy weight and girth of the foliage prevented him from moving the debris from his four-wheeler. “A fire engine arrived after a while. I watched from the divider, as the firefighters cut the sections of the tree that nailed my double cabin. A tow truck driver then took the vehicle to a workshop in Inanam. The operator assessed the condition of all four wheels and found that the roof, front windshield, hood, bumper and truck had been damaged.


“The cost of repairs, including replacing affected parts and repainting the entire vehicle body, was almost RM6,700. “It took three months for my double cabin to be roadworthy again. I spent a total of 3,000 RM on renting a car during this time just to get by. Math wrote to town hall about his experience in May, asking for compensation for what he paid before getting his four-wheeler back. He handed over a copy of the workshop receipt and the police report, as well as this letter. “Over a month later, I was redirected to file my claim with the PWD.”

His four-wheeled vehicle was towed to the workshop after firefighters cut sections of the tree that immobilized the vehicle.

The driver provided Hotline with a copy of the police report which was forwarded to the departmental dealer and to the town hall. A spokesperson for the latter’s finance department acknowledged receipt of the motorist’s correspondence, saying a check was made on the area where the tree fell shortly after. “Our staff found that the road reserve, including the trees growing there, was outside our jurisdiction,” he said. “As such, we were unable to approve his claim for compensation.” He explained that the disabled person was responsible for the upkeep of Jalan Penempatan, including the edge and the greenery there. Meanwhile, Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) took care of a banyan tree along the main road near the intersection of the Chempaka Square entertainment exit. This follows fears from a consumer in Luyang about power outages in his neighborhood if branches break and fall on nearby power lines. Taman Fraser’s owner feared the cables would tear in half under the weight of the falling branches. He said there was every chance that would happen due to the strong winds and heavy rains that the state capital experienced late. A spokesperson for SESB said company staff cut branches from the tree growing in part of Jalan Penampang. “It took a while for the tree to be pruned because the work had to be done in stages, when the traffic on the main road was not that heavy,” she said. When asked how often this greenery was processed, she replied that it was done as and when needed. “Our staff have pruned the branches closest to our transmission lines twice so far in the past few months. “They were asked to check the condition of the tree along the road from time to time. WONG from Luyang said the tree could have been by the side of the road for many decades. “It looks like a ‘pokok hantu’ (haunted tree), with the vines hanging down here and there from the foliage,” he said. He said some of the overgrown branches got in the way of nearby overhead lines. “I can’t say if these are power lines, but if they are and damaged due to trees, the power supply to the neighborhood and surrounding establishments, including places of entertainment, could be compromised, ”he said. Wong hoped local authorities would take care of the tree before that happened. His grievance was forwarded to SESB, PWD and Telekom Malaysia (TM) Bhd. A spokeswoman for the agency said a check revealed that the road reserve, including the tree, was maintained by the ministry. “Our dealership will be alerted to the owner’s concerns and urged to take action,” she said. A spokesperson for TM said the company has no facilities near the tree in question.

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