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Appeal “Accelerate the repair of Luyang clinic road”

Published on: Tuesday, April 19, 2022

From: Sidney Skinner

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There has been no visitor parking on the clinic grounds since that section of the road was closed in February.

The contractor handling the road inside the Luyang Health Clinic compound has been told to complete repairs by the end of April, while the district council checks the condition of the a stretch of Papar. This action was prompted by separate comments from the husband of one of the clinic’s patients, as well as a motorist who lives in a village in Kinarut. The former said there had been no public parking at the medical facility in months due to slow road works.


The latter, on the other hand, was upset by the many potholes that had formed on the road he was taking to get home. A spokeswoman for the clinic said efforts to renovate the road around the building began shortly after Chinese New Year and would have lasted a month. She said heavy rains the state capital experienced earlier this year hampered that work. “For this reason, the road condition does not appear to have improved much by the original deadline in early March,” she said. “The repairs were not up to what we expected, so the contractor was granted an extension until the first week of April.” In addition to having to deal with other episodes of bad weather, the contractor also had to reckon with a shortage of bitumen needed to resurface the road, according to her. The spokeswoman said a meeting was held last week at the office of the Ministry of Health to assess the progress of the rectification work. She said those present were made aware of growing public dissatisfaction with the delay. “This is understandable as many of our parking spaces, including those for visitors, have been cordoned off since February. “The Department’s concessionaire has therefore been ordered to complete the road once and for all by the end of April.” She said that the company’s contractor was filling out these instructions. BENNY from Penampang lamented the stress he felt while taking his wife to replenish her medication at Luyang Health Clinic. He said the ordeal was caused by his inability to park on the property grounds. “This has been the case since February as a section of the complex was closed so that the road could be repaired,” he said. “I can only drop my wife off at the entrance, but it’s hard for me to leave her unattended because she has a mobility issue.” He expressed frustration at having to drive around looking for vacant space along residential roads near the clinic.

Clinic staff help transport an elderly patient who was dropped off near the main entrance to the premises.

“After finding a place to park my car, I then struggle to get my wife out of the car and move her in her wheelchair to the building.” It had first been made clear to Benny that visitor parking would be off limits to the public for a month. He said a notice to that effect was posted in a common area inside the clinic. “Towards the end of March, a new notice was posted saying that road works would continue until April 8. “I took my wife there the next day and found that I still could not use public parking spaces. around the premises. The spokeswoman said the clinic’s administration was aware of problems with dropping off some patients in front of the building. “Some of our staff have been stationed at the main entrance to help the infirm and those with walking difficulties enter the Clinic. “A wheelchair is provided for them and sometimes our security guards also come to help those members of the public.” Meanwhile, the District Council is trying to determine if ‘Jalan Kg Tampasak’ falls within its jurisdiction. A spokesperson for the agency said its staff should check to see if that name was on its road log list of sections. “If so, a site inspection will be carried out and our dealer will be notified of any damage to the section,” he said. “We will call on the company’s personnel to carry out the necessary repairs as soon as possible.” He said that this matter would be forwarded to the relevant agency, if the road was found to be outside of Council maintenance. GRANDY from Kinarut said the village road had not been maintained for “a long time”. He said the unpaved road was full of potholes and wanted to know if local authorities would consider having the stretch resurfaced with asphalt.


“Those of us with smaller vehicles find it very difficult to travel to and from the village, especially when it rains heavily,” he said. He said students who attended SK Tampasak were among those who depended on the stretch. “A lot of these young children are risking their lives walking on the road.” He claimed to have reported the stretching issues to Council from time to time over the years. “Staff assure me every time that they will inform the government concessionaire of my concerns. At one point, Grandy was even advised to contact the company himself, which he did. “The staff who answered my call said they would take my concerns to their superiors.” “But, so far, no action has been taken to improve the condition of the section, including sealing it.” Grandy felt it was high time that at least some gravel was laid on the dirt road and some leveling work was done. “I reported this observation to the chairman of the village development and security committee. “He accepted my suggestion but did not pursue it.”

The potholes that have formed in this stretch of Kinarut are a source of frustration for motorists who live here.

The road to Kg Tampasak has not been maintained for years.

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