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Beaufort road repaired; Luyang people cry foul

Published on: Tuesday August 30th, 2022

From: Sidney Skinner

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Globinaco workers level the new layer of asphalt and seal this material on the affected road sections.

The Public Works Department (PWD) has repaired a main road in Beaufort and will periodically monitor the section to ensure that it will not be damaged again. Three taxpayers in Luyang are hoping the city hall will also step in and do the same for a road leading to their neighborhood. This follows comments from motorists living in Kg Batu 58, Beaufort, and Taman Sinar, Luyang, who blamed the lack of maintenance on these stretches for repeatedly damaging the undercarriage of their vehicles. They lamented the inconvenience and extra expense they had to incur as their cars constantly had to be brought to the workshop.


These drivers separately provided Hotline with the location of the affected roads. This information was transmitted to the PWD and the town hall. A spokeswoman for a government concessionaire, with the former agency, said depressions were found in a section of Jalan Lintas Pekan during a preliminary check last week.

This road between Damai Plaza Phase 2 and Taman Sinar is loaded with potholes of various shapes and sizes.

“Our contractor returned later the same day to deal with the damage,” she said. She said the individual’s workers poured asphalt over the potholes and then sealed them. “We hope this will relieve road users. Similar measures were taken several months ago. “The potholes have probably resurfaced as water tends to pool on the shoulder during a downpour.” When media contacted the company, it admitted parts of Beaufort had experienced heavy, intermittent rain over the past few days. “We also suspect that the surface of the road has given way under the weight of the many 10-tonne trucks that use this section. “There is a quarry some distance from where the depressions formed.” The concessionaire had raised those stretches of road, which were closer to town, in a bid to lessen the impact of the ponds, she said. In light of the recurring road problems, the spokeswoman said the firm’s staff would be asked to increase their monitoring of this main road. “We have a supervisor who goes around the neighborhood every week to check the state of the various sections entrusted to us. “Any irregularity is dealt with, on a case-by-case basis, depending on the severity of the seriousness of the damage found.” She explained that maintenance was done as it became necessary.


“To that end, we hope that motorists will inform the PWD if the lows return.” FADLI of Beaufort lamented the traffic hazards posed by the damage to Jalan Lintas Pekan. These potholes have eaten away at one of the two lanes that make up the road,” he said. “Drivers who slow down to get through potholes risk being hit from behind. “Those who try to avoid them risk colliding with traffic coming from the opposite direction.” He said the number of vehicles was particularly heavy at times as many motorists used the road to get to the mosque in the city. Fadli said the risk of a crash increases after dark due to the lack of lighting on the stretch. “There are no lamp posts on the shoulders. You won’t know there’s a vehicle coming up the hill, or going in the opposite direction, at night until you see the headlights ahead of you.

Depressions gradually formed in one of the two lanes from Jalan Lintas Pekan to Beaufort.

He hoped the PWD would act to improve road conditions before someone was hurt or worse. Meanwhile, the town hall is investigating several complaints about the deplorable state of a road between Damai Plaza Phase 2 and Taman Sinar. A spokesman for the agency’s traffic and transportation department said its staff would be sent to verify those grievances. “If they turn out to be true, we will try to see how we can alleviate these road problems,” he said. LUCILLE, who works in an office in the Damai district, said she had contacted the agency, on and off, about road issues since October 2021. “I was made to understand, a month later, that the town hall had passed my grouse on to the government concessionaire,” she said. “Company personnel have been advised to inspect the road and make repairs, if necessary. resulted in this effort, so far,” Lucille said Aug. 29. MAWAR, who lives in Taman Sinar, also lamented the agency’s inability to follow up on actions to restore the stretch. road surface is pockmarked with so many holes which get deeper after each downpour,” she said. “Gravel was poured over the damaged sections at one point but the stones have since been scattered by the many cars driving down the road.” She said a good Samaritan recently filled in some potholes with remnants of building materials. “Whoever did this may have felt that the town hall was taking too long to deal with the stretch.” Another resident of Taman Sinar, ZUL, lamented the poor maintenance of the road. “I pay my annual dues with the town hall as soon as possible each year. I don’t understand why the agency has been slow to put the money, which I and my neighbors pay, to good use in improving the condition of the stretch.
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