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Bersatu, the roads of Country Heights under study

Posted on: Friday, November 19, 2021

By: Sidney Skinner

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Jalan Bersatu’s poor condition.

The Public Works Department (PWD) is checking Jalan Bersatu’s condition as a developer tends to damaged sections of the roads around the Country Heights apartments. This follows separate complaints from a driver in Luyang and an apartment owner in Penampang. on the inconvenience caused by potholes and dirt on these sections. A spokesperson for PWD said he was aware of the development happening along part of Jalan Bersatu.


“A team from our Kota Kinabalu branch will be dispatched to determine if there is any basis for the motorist’s claims,” he said. He said the agency should also check whether the developer had permission to use the road to access the construction site. “Passage permission should have been granted to individual entrepreneurs to use the section if that was the case.

This road inside Country Heights is dug to allow the installation of pipes.

“He should have accepted several conditions, including those concerning road maintenance, before receiving this approval. The spokesperson said the developer would be reminded of this and asked to keep their word. “He / she will have to resurface the section once the project is completed.” In the meantime, he said, the company would be instructed to pour gravel over the damaged sections and level the road to provide drivers with temporary relief. “Where appropriate, a notice to this effect will be sent to management. He said PWD agents would from time to time check the condition of the section to determine if the developer had complied with the agency’s instructions. YUK from Luyang said the potholes that had formed in Jalan Bersatu were a problem for motorists. “Drivers, especially those who live in Taman Kim Leng and Jesselton condominiums, end up scratching the undercarriages of their vehicles whenever they pass over damaged sections of the road,” she said. “Potholes have become so numerous that road users can no longer swerve to avoid them. She said the damage could have been caused by trucks traveling to and from a construction site along the stretch. “I suspect this is due to the weight of the heavy vehicles on the road.”


Workers repair potholes inside Country Heights with gravel.

Yuk said the trucks also dirtied the stretch. As a result, the road became muddy during a downpour and dusty when the weather was sunny, she said. “I am concerned that the soil left on the section could be washed into the sewers and clog these structures. She believed the poor condition of the road was dangerous for motorists and hoped local authorities would act before anyone was injured. “I have expressed my concerns to the town hall, but so far nothing has been done to improve the condition of the section.” A spokesperson for City Hall’s engineering department confirmed the road was damaged and muddy during an inspection earlier this month. “However, we are powerless to intervene because the section is not under our maintenance,” he said. “The driver’s grievance was passed on to the disabled person. Meanwhile, the Management Company (MC) of Country Heights Apartments had repaired many potholes inside the complex with a crusher and was trying to repair damaged sections of the road between Blocks 3H and 3I. .

A worker cleans weeds and mud from a sheltered parking lot.

A spokesperson for MC said a preliminary investigation in September found the damage was caused by water that had collected on the road during a downpour. “We are in the process of replacing the pipes under the road so that runoff can be channeled more efficiently to the nearest monsoon drain,” he said. “The section has been partially excavated to install new perforated pipes. It will be the same later in the other section. He said the road would be resurfaced from end to end once the drainage issue was resolved. “We hope to have a new coat of asphalt applied to the road by the start of next year.” STAN of Penampang lamented the deplorable state of the road near his apartment building, which he said was full of potholes. “MC staff assured me in March that the section would be repaired, but they were very relaxed to keep their word,” he said. He was also unhappy with the lack of maintenance carried out on the parking lot where his unit was located. Stan said the road surface under the shelters was encrusted with layers of mud that became slippery during a downpour. “I missed falling several times when it rains.

Potholes on this section at block 3H and 3I causing damage to tenants’ vehicles.

“It struck me that an elderly resident or a mother-to-be could easily be injured if they stumble and fall while walking to and from their car.” Stan provided Hotline with the location of his apartment which was forwarded to the MC. The MC spokesperson said measures to deal with the road had been delayed by the implementation of improved movement control orders on the property, as well as the inclement weather the district experienced during the last few months. He said the company would arrange to have protected parking areas cleaned from time to time. “Our maintenance staff will remove any dirt and mud that could make the road surface slippery. ”
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