Cincinnati Financial Corporation Subsidiaries Announce Promotions and Appointments

— Directors and managers of subsidiaries

CINCINNATI, January 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — – Cincinnati Financial Corporation (Nasdaq: CINF) today announced that the January 28, 2022its US subsidiaries held their regular shareholder and board meetings, electing directors and officers.

Stephen M. Spray, senior vice president and chief insurance officer, was promoted to president of all US subsidiaries. He was also elected to the board of directors of CFC Investment Company and appointed to the executive committee of the board of directors of the property and casualty insurance subsidiaries.

Marc J. SchambowCPCU, AIM, ASLI, Senior Vice President and Chief Claims Officer, was elected to the Boards of Directors of all P&C insurance subsidiaries.

The following corporate officers were promoted to Deputy Chief Executive Officer:
Teresa C. Cracas, Esq. – Risk Director
Martin F. HollenbeckCFA, CPCU – Director of Investments
John S. Kellington – Chief Information Officer
Lisa A. Love, Esq. – Legal Director and General Secretary
Michael J. SewellCPA – Chief Financial Officer

In addition, the boards of the subsidiaries recognized the promotions of the following corporate officers:

Promotion to Chief Actuary and First Vice President:
Luyang FuPh.D., FCAS – Price Analysis and Risk Management

Promotions to Vice President:
Brian M. BunnCPCU, AU, RPLU – CSU subscription
Daniel T. DriscollPMP – Financial Planning and Analytics
Jennifer D. Eagan*, CPCU, API, AIM – Personal insurance underwriting
Sandra K.EdwardCPCU, APA, CIC, CRM – Premium Audit
Kevin S. GetzCPCU, AIM, CIC – Commercial line target markets
Jennifer L. Kasee*, CPCU, CIC, AU, AINS, AIS – Sales & Marketing
Ashley M. Kohles*, CIC – Sales & Marketing
Scott N. Kusel – Computer document management services
Michael J. LaneCPCU, AIM, AINS, AIT, API, ASLI – IT Resource Management
William J. Lecky – Target markets of commercial lines
Shawn P. NiehausCPCU, AIM, ARe – Sales and Marketing
J Curt NutterCPCU, AIC, AIM – Claims at Headquarters
James D. Poole IIICIC, AINS* – Sales & Marketing
Brian T. ReisertCPCU, AIM, AINS – North-East Commercial Lines
Michael J. SalernoACAS – Personal Insurance Product
Scott A. Schuler – Subscription of personal lines
Bryan J. RuggedCPCU, CIC – Sales & Marketing
Michael L. TelaricoCPCU, CIC, API, AU – Sales and Marketing
Eric J. Voscopoulos* – Private Sales
Susan C. Williams*, CIC, AIM, AIS, API – Sales & Marketing
Matthew L. Wittman*, CPCU, CIC, AIC, AIM – Sales & Marketing

Promotions to Assistant Vice President:
Bruce T.Bollman – Compensation for work accidents at the head office
Joshua T. Brady*, CPCU, FCAS, ACAS – Trading Price Analysis
Thomas J. BrunsFSA, MAAA – Life Actuarial
Patricia E. Carson*, AIT – Sales and Marketing
Amber L. Cowan*, PURPOSE – Human Resources
James E. Dawes – IT and data business intelligence
Michael C. DowdyCPCU, AIC, AIM – Ownership of Head Office Claims
Roy H. Faglie, Jr.CPCU, AIC, AIM – Claims at Headquarters
Kirsten I. Faherty – Business communication
Terence P. FeeneyAIC, AIM, AIS, API, ASLI, AU – Field Claims Headquarters
Mary Ann Ferrigan* – IT Project Management Office
James W. Grushon*, AIC, AIM – CSU claims
Brian D. Hetterich – Corporate customer accounts
Eric V. HoffmanCPCU, AIC, AIM, SCLA – Field Claims Headquarters
Andrew J. Holland*, CPCU, AIC, AIM, AINS, API, ARM – Accident Claims Headquarters
Mary F. Jorgensen*, NSAIDs, CSP – Loss Control
Kerrie A. Kitts* – Siege Sinister Victim
Christopher S. LaTulippe – Commercial application systems
Christopher E. Marler*, AIS – Enterprise IT Component Services
VS Brandon McIntoshCEP, CPA – Shareholder Services
Carrie A. Mishler*, CPCU, AIC, AIM, ARe, RPLU – Headquarters claim
Laura A.MizeAIM – Computing Diamond
Michael A. Rose*, AINS, AIS – IT Resource Management
Michael R. SchirmCPCU, AIC, AIM, ARM – Claims at Headquarters
Alok Soni* – Computing Diamond
Eric L. TrassNSAIDs – Life Site Marketing
Kevin ZhangPh.D., FCAS – Corporate Actuarial

Promotions to Associate Legal Counsel:
Michael A. Burke*, FLMI – Corporate Legal
Todd D. Hilgeman* – Corporate Legal

* Newly promoted to Officer

About Cincinnati Financial
The Cincinnati Financial Corporation primarily offers business, home, and auto insurance through the Cincinnati Insurance Company and its two market-standard property and casualty insurers. The same independent local insurance agencies that market these policies may offer products from our other subsidiaries, including life insurance, fixed annuities and property and casualty insurance. For more information about the company, please visit


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