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City Hall and Penampang District Council step up greenery maintenance

Published on: Tuesday, June 28, 2022

From: Sidney Skinner

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City hall workers are doing their best to clean up the communal area around the banana trees in this Luyang reserve.

The city hall (DBKK) has blamed some taxpayers in Luyang for not taking care of the greenery they have planted outside their backyard fences, while the district council will step up efforts to maintain the government land next to housing roads in a neighborhood of Penampang. follows separate comments on the neglected state of common space behind houses in Lorong Palas 1B and in front of residences near a country club, off Mile 3 ½ Jalan Penampang. A spokesperson for the city hall’s landscaping department praised public initiatives to turn drainage reserves into private gardens, as the efforts made the spaces more pleasing to the eye.

“It is allowed as long as gardeners regularly maintain their greenery,” he said. “Our staff recently discovered that this was not done in part of Taman Jindo.”

Employees from the landscaping department have invested in cleaning the garden drain in this part of Taman Jindo.

He said banana trees, pandanus bushes and overgrown palm trees in a backyard reserve were seen as a hindrance, when it came to cleaning the common drain and mowing the grass in this zone. “For this reason, our staff have instructed owners to manage their greenery accordingly. “They were told to take care of their plants and trees by pruning them and making sure they didn’t get sick or unsightly. “That way, that greenery would be less of a nuisance or a public hazard.” The spokesperson said those taxpayers could be officially instructed to completely remove their greenery if they fail to meet the agency’s requirements. “If they fail to comply, they will be deemed to have encroached on government land and as a result will be asked to cut down their greenery from that property.” “Government land” in this regard included drainage reserves, verges and, in some cases, playgrounds, he said. “Notices will be issued ordering them to uproot their plants. Further action will be taken against them if they ignore these instructions. He did not exclude the possibility that the town hall uproots these trees and plants, if their owners do not do it themselves. HUMPHREY from Luyang described the area beyond his garden fence as an eye-sore.

He said no action had been taken to cut grass and trees for some time. “This area is covered in overgrown trees, plants and weeds. It looks like a jungle has formed there,” he said. He also suspected that this land may have become a breeding ground for pests. “Snakes and rats have entered my compound from this property.”

A Council staff member cleans this roadside drain while his colleague cuts the grass on the edge.

He expressed his frustrations at the inability of the town hall to take care of this area “for months”. Humphrey first informed the agency that this land was overgrown in May. “I don’t understand how the agency could turn a blind eye to this issue after so long.” As well as being unsightly, he said the greenery was also a potential fire hazard. The spokesman said a team of eight workers visited Lorong Palas 1B twice in June after the agency was contacted by the media. “They did their best to cut the grass and unclog the drain at the back of the residential road,” he said. “It took two separate visits to complete this work due to the heavy rains that fell during this time.” The District Council, on the other hand, has deployed several of its staff to carry out similar work in part of Penampang, after a ratepayer staying behind a country club in the area spoke of overgrown grass on the side of its housing. road.


The “lalang” had apparently become so high that it covered a manhole overhanging this shoulder. A Council spokesman said measures had also been taken to prevent effluent from escaping into communal areas. “This should temporarily alleviate the nuisance caused by the stench coming from the direction of the manhole,” he said. “We intend to have the manhole rebuilt in the long term and are in the process of seeking funding to do so.” He said grass-cutting and sewer-unclogging jobs were typically done once a month in neighborhoods within the agency’s rating zone. “Barring unforeseen circumstances, the section concerned has been requested to respect this timetable. “The supervisor, responsible for overseeing maintenance work around the country club, has been asked to carry out periodic checks to ensure that the verges, including drains, are properly maintained.”
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