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City hall tackles Luyang drain problem

Published on: Wednesday January 26, 2022

From: Sidney Skinner

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A City Hall contractor watches as his worker dismantles the driveway to access the drain below.

The city hall is upgrading a roadside drain in Taman Southern, Luyang, in hopes of preventing water from stagnating inside the structure. emptying irregularities. “A concrete walkway was fashioned over a section of the structure,” he said on January 25.

“The owner who did this may have inadvertently obstructed the flow of water inside because part of the driveway is eating away at the drain space below.” In addition to addressing this issue, the spokesperson said the agency’s contractor was also asked to remove any concrete that may have fallen to the base of the structure during the renovation. “The individual started to take care of the draining on Saturday and should be done before the Chinese New Year public holidays, if not sooner. The spokesperson said that the town hall had carried out a preliminary check of the drainage in Taman Southern “A lot of settlement has taken place in the area since the first housing drains were built years ago.” This has impeded the flow of water inside these structures. For this reason, puddling occurs in some drains. “Aquatic vegetation tends to thrive in these sections.” According to him, the agency periodically arranges to have the neighborhood’s front yard drains cleaned. A spokesperson for the Town Hall’s Landscaping Department (LD) said the government concessionaire was responsible for maintaining drains along residential roads, while the agency took care of those behind the residential homes.

The contractor drills to the bottom of the drain to start managing the slope.

The former were cleaned on a fixed schedule, the latter the same once every three months, he said. “The drains were most recently unblocked, including removal of silt and aquatic vegetation inside, on December 10,” he said. “We will be asking management to step up maintenance efforts so that those staying here are relieved of the drainage issues they have been experiencing.” ED stepped in to improve the flow of water down the drain, after the agency’s Department of Health and Environment (HED) detected an irregularity involving a driveway in this part of the neighborhood on last month. An HED spokeswoman said inspectors from the department’s Vector Control Division noted the presence of a “struktur haram (illegal structure)” built over a drain section at Lorong Unta 11.

“At the time, our staff verified a claim that Aedes mosquitoes could have taken up residence in the structure,” she said. “They found the insect larvae in the water but luckily they also observed that there were fish swimming here.” She explained that the latter were apparently feeding on the former, so it was decided not to “larvacciate” the drain in Luyang. The spokeswoman said officers from her LD and the Kota Kinabalu Health Unit, as well as dealer representatives, were also present during the December 10 inspection. “LD staff have confirmed that the water level inside the drain is high and the structure is in need of maintenance. “The dealership staff cleaned the structure on the spot because it was under the jurisdiction of the company. “While trying to determine why the runoff was not draining properly, our Vector staff spotted the obstruction under the driveway.” The spokeswoman said the address of the house, where this renovation was carried out, had been passed on to the building control service of the town hall and the ED. Asked about the delay of more than a month in verifying this claim, a spokesperson for the former declined to comment. He was also unable to establish whether the driveway modification could be considered an “illegal structure”. “One of our officers visited the area and we are still reviewing his findings,” he said. We are trying to determine if a construction plan was submitted to us before the renovation. RUBIATUL from Luyang lamented the foul smell coming from the direction of his sewer in Taman Southern. “I have to keep most of my doors and windows closed to keep the stench out,” she said. “I’m also worried that the drain water has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes as I’ve seen a lot of these insects buzzing around my house.”


Rubiatul has noticed for some time that the water inside the drain does not back up even when it is hot. “Two years ago, seven of us staying here – including myself – caught dengue fever.” “I hope the local authorities will take action before there is another dengue outbreak in the neighborhood.” She said she had raised her concerns with the town hall more than once in the past year but, so far, her drainage problems persisted. Rubiatul lamented the lack of maintenance carried out on the drains at Taman Southern, saying thick weeds had formed in many of them. “I shared my frustrations about standing water and mosquitoes with one of my neighbors. “He told me that the town hall had started renovating the sewers in the neighborhood several years ago, but had left the job half done because the authority had no funds left to complete the work.” LD’s spokesperson refuted the allegation that the agency had been slow to clean the drain near the complainant’s home. He said a check of the agency’s records showed that it had received two reports regarding the clogged drain on Lorong Unta 11: the first on July 23, the second on December 5. “Our staff carried out a site inspection on these occasions, confirming that the drain was full each time,” he said. and was asked to take care of the emptying as soon as possible.”
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