Commitment of “ zero squatters ” for Luyang


KOTA KINABALU: Squatters are the main “havens” for foreigners, including illegal immigrants, and the source of various social problems, said Gee Tien Siong.

He therefore pledged to make Luyang a “zero squatters community” and called on all residents to work together.

Gee, who is Luyang PPM (Community Development Leader) and vice president of SAPP, said most of the land in Luyang District has been developed, but there is still some vacant land which is targets for squatters. .

“It is necessary to eradicate them ‘one by one’ before the problem gets worse,” he said.
Gee said squatters have increased in the Luyang area, with illegal structures scattered here and there being identified.

“One of the identified illegal housing estates appeared next to the National Archives Department and occupied its land.

Gee said he learned that the town hall issued an ultimatum asking the squatters to move out by May 31, 2021, failing which a demolition exercise will be carried out on June 2, 2021.

“I received a complaint from a resident of Luyang saying that the number of squatters is increasing in his neighborhood and that there have been cases of iron, wire and other building materials being stolen from several houses in progress. renovation, ”he said.

Gee said some squatters reportedly went door-to-door “ digging ” trash cans for usable or recyclable materials to use to build illegal homes or sell money.

He added that especially during this pandemic, used and discarded face masks are also found among the garbage that could spread infections.

On behalf of SAPP, Gee urged the residents of Luyang to participate in the “Zero Squatters Community” campaign and actively report the location of any illegal homes to the UPPM in Luyang or himself (010-932 7688) .


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