Credit after debt relief.


The loan after the residual debt relief does not exist in the normal way. The reason for this is that the debt relief is entered in Credit Bureau, and those who do not pay are still hardly expected to get a proper loan repayment. The article is concerned with the backgrounds and possibilities of being creditworthy despite exemption from residual debt.

The credit after the debt relief – that’s why it’s so difficult.

The credit after the debt relief - that

The loan after the discharge of the remaining debt cannot be approved without problems. Online loan applications are more likely to cause confusion when it comes to debt relief. At first glance, everything seems to be going according to plan, the online exam was successfully passed.

It is the application masks that have not yet been converted to the discharge of residual debt that are responsible for this. A debt relief is entered in the Credit Bureau. It is a negative entry and therefore automatically leads to the loan refusal for practically all German providers.

Anyone who has dealt with the conditions of the debt relief should also understand this. The word “debt relief” suggests that you are now debt free. However, this definition is not absolutely correct. The creditors can no longer realize their claims. The exemption from residual debt would be more appropriately described as long-term protection of creditors. The debt continues to exist, the debtor is only protected from any compulsory collection measures.

Is there a way to get a bank loan at all?

Is there a way to get a bank loan at all?

For the time of entry in the Credit Bureau register, ie three years after the debt relief, the answer is clearly “NO”. No matter what the advertising on the Internet says, there is no loan from the bank after the debt relief. Only credit intermediaries remain possible. But even the services of professionals have little chance of success. Swiss loans are also practically out of the running after the Fine banks have increasingly moved closer to the European banking system. The only remaining option is private investors. However, these should also be better addressed via a credit broker for risk loans.

The usual platforms for loans from private to private also offer minimal prospects of success. It is now common to put the Credit Bureau information and scoring online for your credit requests. Anyone who has to disclose a credit obstacle there, such as the discharge of residual debt, will not receive any bids there either.

How can you borrow money with debt relief?

How can you borrow money with debt relief?

Only a co-applicant can make the loan after the debt relief possible in the first three years. It should be considered whether the name of the debt relief is better left out. In any case, creditworthiness can only be offered by the co-applicant. The remaining debt relief could at most be classified as a risk and thus make the loan more expensive. A positive impact on the loan application can be excluded by the debt relief.

All alone, without the help of other people, only the pawn shop is left for the loan request. In the pawnshop, only the value of the pledged property for lending is assessed. Personal creditworthiness, Credit Bureau entries and even ongoing insolvency proceedings do not matter. The loan from the pawnbroker is the only guaranteed loan after debt relief within the first three years.