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Department examines sewerage issues in Luyang

Posted on: Tuesday, December 21, 2021

By: Sidney Skinner

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The sewage level inside this manhole at Taman Southern is very high.

The Department of Sanitation Services (SSD) will attempt to minimize the nuisance created by a strong smell of ammonia coming from the direction of housing drains in Taman Southern. A spokeswoman for the SSD said the damage to the main sewer lines on Jalan Lintas had given rise to stench and toilet problems in that part of Luyang. She said the SSD was working with the Department of Public Works (PWD) and the town hall to “realign and rectify” the sewers along the main road.

“Mainlines require urgent attention as effluents from neighborhoods and shopping malls here, including Taman Southern, are not properly transported to the regional wastewater treatment plant (RSTP) here,” she said. declared. “The sewer line was affected by the construction of the flyover. She said the PWD was trying to secure funds to rehabilitate the sewers there as part of “kerja tambahan (additional work)” as part of the overflight project. “We were made to understand that a proposal for this work had been submitted to the Federal Ministry of Finance (MOF) in November. “The PWD is still waiting for the MOF to make a decision on this request. “In the meantime, the SSD will discuss with City Hall the possibility of placing germs in the front yard drains around Taman Southern. “It should relieve residents of the foul odor that permeates their homes. ”

City Hall engineers are checking this drain at Taman Southern as effluent is pumped out of a manhole on the Lintas Bridge.

The spokeswoman was responding to observations by a taxpayer in Luyang that the manholes along Lorong Unta 11 had been overflowing for some time. He suspected that the effluent was making its way into the roadside sewers because of the ammonia-like stench that often leaked from the direction of these structures. The owner also complained about the inability to use the toilet on the ground floor of his house. The individual said the contents inside the bowl often rose instead of back when the toilet was flushed. In the evening, a “gurgling” sound could sometimes be heard from these toilets, even though they were unoccupied. The resident provided Hotline with the location of his house which was transmitted to the SSD and to the town hall.


A spokesperson for the latter’s engineering department said he was aware of the sanitation issues at Taman Southern but there was little that he could do to address the issue. “The manholes in this part of Luyang have been overflowing for months,” he said. “We attributed these incidents to a collapse of the sewer line next to Jalan Lintas. “A lot of sewer lines are cracked because of the heavy piles involved in the construction of the flyover. He said the sewers along the route were believed to have been moved before this project started. “The PWD is striving to carry out a major rehabilitation of these services. “The agency will implement a bypass and relocation of the sewer line, in particular by making connections to new pipes.” While waiting for those efforts to take off, the spokesperson said the effluent was being dumped into the sewers in Taman Southern. Nonetheless, in light of the taxpayer’s grievance, he said the town hall would seek “another lower point” to empty the effluent. “We are also looking at ways to alleviate the toilet problems in the neighborhood. “Our subcontractor has been to Taman Southern three times since the beginning of December, to clear blockages from the sewer line, including manholes, in the neighborhood. “The individual’s tanker truck absolutely cannot contain all of the neighborhood sewage at once. “It will take several trips to do it. On top of that, the sewer line will be full again within a few days. The tanker has a capacity of 5,000 liters, he said.


He admitted that the weekly drain, let alone daily, would put too much financial pressure on the town hall. “We’ll have to look for a more cost-effective way to deal with blockages in the neighborhood sewers. “Our staff will periodically monitor the pipes there, for now, to try to reduce the stench and toilet inconvenience caused to our taxpayers in Taman Southern.” JUDE de Luyang said he was forced to keep his windows closed to prevent the stench from getting inside. “We have to put up with the lack of fresh indoor air just to minimize this nuisance,” he said. “We can’t even spend a lot of time in our gardens because the stench brings us back to our homes. “I have a strong feeling that the sewage somehow ends up in the sewers outside my front yard.” Jude said such a practice was not only unhygienic, but would also have a negative impact on the health of people living in Taman Southern. “I can only wonder how their well-being could be affected by having to inhale the foul fumes from the drains.”
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