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A developer is working to keep the people of Luyang out of the water

Published on: Thursday November 18, 2021

From: Sidney Skinner

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Sewer water can be seen entering the grounds of this Taman Dixon home in September.

The developer of a housing project near Taman Dixon hopes to minimize the likelihood of flash floods by constructing a “central drain” in the Luyang district. A spokesperson for the city hall’s engineering department said the structure would channel construction runoff. site at the nearest major drain in the area. He said it was part of a company initiative to renovate drainage and roads in low-lying areas adjacent to the project.

“The company has developed a long-term strategy to mitigate the flooding issues at Taman Dixon and is bearing the costs of this modernization effort,” he said. Two retention basins were set up inside the site in August for this purpose, according to him.

The developer’s workers are raising the level of the driveway of this house in Luyang.

This action was prompted by appeals from several ratepayers on Lorong Apens 1 and Lorong Apens 2 for the town hall to intervene on the drainage issues there. Water from the front yard sewers has poured onto these roads and soaked the enclosures of their homes, intermittently, during heavy downpours, since May. The spokesperson said the developer was in the process of raising the porch level of some of the residences that were affected by the flooding. “Since mid-August, this has been done for seven owners.” He said company workers had also cleared roadside sewers in those areas. The company was also undertaking a flood prevention study, the results of which would be used to formulate a drainage system plan, he said. “The developer has made a request to the Department of Sanitation and Irrigation (DID) for this purpose. “The firm intends to finalize this plan by next February and will submit it to us as soon as it has received the necessary accreditation from the DID. SHUFWAT, who has lived in Taman Dixon for two decades, said he had never experienced such extreme flooding as on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning in July. “Water started overflowing our front drains after only about 15 minutes of rain that afternoon,” he said.


“Luckily the downpour stopped shortly after.” However, when the heavy rains started again around 1 a.m., roads and homes in Lorong Apens 1 and 2 were engulfed under a higher flood water level. He said the sky didn’t clear up until after sunrise that morning. He said it was not the first time drains along these residential roads had overflowed. Floods hit the area twice in May and twice in September, he said.

Two water retention basins have been set up on the site.

He said these drainage problems started after reclamation work started at the end of Lorong Apens 1 earlier this year. “I and some of my neighbors spoke to the developer about it. Despite this effort, our appeals seem to have fallen on deaf ears. “Nothing has been done to prevent flooding from occurring when it rains. No measures were taken to divert or contain runoff from the construction site. He was made to understand that some 92 residential units were to be built on the land. “The drainage of this new neighborhood will eventually be connected to ours. “In light of this, I wonder if the existing drains at Taman Dixon are large enough to cope with the additional discharge from the neighboring property. “Should runoff from new homes even be channeled through our sewers?


He said he was not the only owner worried about the impact the adjacent property would have on Taman Dixon. “Eighteen other people in my area are also troubled by the nearby development and have signed a letter asking City Hall to fix our existing drainage issues.” Shufwat said this petition was delivered to the mayor when she inspected the construction site and housing drains in the neighborhood on July 15. The spokesperson said that prior to the July flood, City Hall had only approved the company’s request to have the property ‘backfilled.’ “Rainwater inadvertently washed soil from the clearing into roadside sewers during the incident,” he said. “The developer was slapped with RM500 compound under the 1987 City Hall grading regulations for the mismanagement of drains and silt from the construction site.” He said the company installed the complex and later submitted a sketch for a temporary diversion for soil runoff. “The temporary drainage breaks off in two directions to s ensure that the volume of water accumulating on Lorong Apens 1 is not excessive.” The developer also assured us that the company would strengthen monitoring of runoff from its property.” said City Hall staff were monitoring events on the construction site to ensure that the developer met agency requirements.
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