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Ensure the operation of the K’munsing, Luyang streetlights

Posted on: Wednesday April 28, 2021

By: Sidney Skinner

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A city hall contractor changes the ballast of this light in Karamunsing

CITY HALL will intensify its efforts to monitor a residential road in Karamunsing and Luyang at night to ensure that these sections are properly lit. The district council is doing the same for a road in the Nosoob area to Penampang. This follows complaints from three separate taxpayers that the streetlights on the edge of their home had been inoperative for some time.


The worst example of this problem was with Jalan Sang Kancil 1 in Karamunsing, who had been extinct for three months. City hall and council spokespersons said its contractors have been asked to check the status of lights more frequently. They hoped in this way to minimize the problems created by the lack of lighting in these neighborhoods. Both officers urged taxpayers to alert their respective agencies directly to future outages so that action can be taken to ensure these street lighting problems do not recur.

This light from Jalan Kijang Luyang, which was working intermittently, has now been repaired.

CHERYL of Karamunsing lamented the lack of lighting along her residential road, including the lamppost closest to her residence, which had been down since the Chinese New Year holidays. “I contacted the town hall about this problem when the offices reopened after the break,” she said. “The staff who answered my call assured me that action would be taken. But, two months later, the area outside my front door was still dark. To make matters worse, more lights along Jalan Sang Kancil 1 were off at that time, she said. She said the dark spots on the road were particularly dangerous for motorists due to the presence of a blind curve on a section of the stretch. “Drivers who are unfamiliar with the area can bypass the bend at night and inadvertently find themselves running over a pedestrian or a pet dog as they cross the road.” Cheryl hoped that City Hall would act to stop innocent people like these from harming. The town hall spokesman said all lights along this stretch of Karamunsing were fully operational as of April 20, after the agency’s contractor completed the necessary repairs. “The individual changed the lighting ballast near the complainant’s house and took care of some of the other amenities along the route,” he said.


“He kept the road under surveillance for a week afterwards to make sure that this equipment did not break down.” Asked about the three-month deadline to deal with street lighting problems in the neighborhood, the spokesperson declined to comment. Meanwhile, the town hall also had to replace the lighting mechanism in a section of Luyang Phase 5, he said. “The contractor first changed the light bulb after we found out it was running intermittently,” he said. “The individual confirmed that he was operational that night. But 24 hours later it had broken down again. The spokesperson said that new ballast and an “igniter” were put in place afterwards.

The council skybender was deployed to Taman Sindo as soon as he became worthy of the road again.

“The contractor kept an eye on the light for several days to make sure it was working as it should.” RAYMA from Kolombong expressed her displeasure about the spots of darkness along Jalan Kijang. “I travel on the road regularly to reach phase 5 of Luyang because my family is staying here,” she said. “Some lights, including the one in front of my in-laws’ house, are not working as they should.” She claimed the lights seemed to work intermittently. “In November, they were out of service for over a week. The problem was reported to the town hall and shortly thereafter the lights were working. “A few days later they were out of service again.” She said she was tired of constantly having to inform the agency about the lights. “I did this earlier in June when I noticed the housing road was dark at night.” Meanwhile, the Council dealt with faulty street lights along Lorong Sindo 2, nearly a month after the agency was first alerted to the failure of these facilities.

Taman Sindo’s streetlights have been out of order for months.

A spokesperson for the agency said an audit revealed damaged components were the cause of the failure. “Our contractor changed the bulbs of several lights along the road,” he said on April 23. He said these repairs were delayed because the “skymaster” needed for the work was broken. The spokesperson said that this vehicle was deployed in the neighborhood as soon as it was back on the road. VICKY, who lives in Taman Sindo, said she has reported this issue to the Council from time to time over the past two months but so far no action has been taken on it. “Whenever I call the Council, the staff assure me that someone will be dispatched to check the lights, but so far the lights have not yet been restored,” she said on March 26. She claimed multiple burglaries in the neighborhood and feared unscrupulous parties would take advantage of street lighting woes to target homes there. “I hope the Council acts before anyone is harmed because of this.”


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