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Facing problems while trying to use the toilet

Published on: Wednesday July 27, 2022

From: Sidney Skinner

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Left: PTMD staff visiting the club’s toilets with an employee of the establishment. Right: Not a drop of water was available from the taps inside the toilets during the inspection.

The owner of AN Inanam has been asked to improve the cleanliness of his restaurant’s toilets, while the management of an international bank has been asked to consider giving the elderly and disabled access to the toilets of his branch in the state capital. Officers recently attended the restaurant and financial institution following comments from two different women about problems they experienced when trying to relieve themselves at the two premises. A customer from Luyang lamented her inability to flush the toilet or wash her hands when she went to dinner at the restaurant. A retiree from Sambulan, meanwhile, spoke out against the bank’s ruthless protocols that prevented her from using the indoor toilets when her bladder problems got the better of her.

They provided Hotline with the times and dates of these incidents, which were passed on to the agency.

The agency staff questioned the restaurant staff about the poor state of the toilets.

A spokeswoman for the city hall’s health and environment department said staff from its Public Restroom Management Division (PTMD) found drums inside the restaurant’s men’s and women’s restrooms. However, there was barely enough water inside those containers for customers to use them, let alone for those facilities to be washed, she said. “Restaurant workers admitted at the time that they had difficulty cleaning the toilets due to the lack of water in the premises,” she said. “Our agents however found that the leisure club located in the same compound as the restaurant did not have a supply problem. She said they found the club’s restrooms to be clean and in good condition. “Club employees said the water pressure entering the building had been low, in the weeks leading up to this inspection.” The spokeswoman said the PTMD could not understand how one room could be supplied while the other, which was right next door, was not. She said the club and the restaurant were run by different parties. “We have informed restaurant officials of our findings and are in the process of preparing a notice to be served on the owner. “The individual will be formally asked to step up the maintenance of the restrooms in the restaurant, including taking care of the damaged fixtures inside. water serving the restaurant so that the toilets and taps inside can function as they should.” She said the owner would be given a grace period to comply with these requirements.


“A follow-up inspection will be carried out after that. If we find that our advice has fallen on deaf ears, further action will be taken. In the case of the City Bank, the spokeswoman said the PTMD team was not allowed to check the status of toilets inside the financial institution. “Our staff have been informed that, in accordance with bank policies and for security reasons, these facilities are for the exclusive use of company employees and management. “Bank customers were asked to use the public toilets if they wanted to relieve themselves.” The nearest equipment of this nature was located approximately 50 to 60 meters from the financial institution, across a major road with traffic flowing in opposite directions. The spokesperson said that PTMD staff appealed to the bank staff, who cared for them, to speak to their superiors about the possibility of making an exception for elderly or disabled account holders. “We urged the company to provide these individuals with compassionate compensation in the event of a toilet emergency while they were in the process of having their transactions processed on the premises.” WONG, who suffers from incontinence, said she was suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to relieve herself as she waited for bank staff to open a savings account. “My daughter and I had been waiting for over half an hour for the account to be opened,” she said. “At that time, I really needed to pee and was afraid of getting dirty and dirtying the furniture in the bank. So I asked the customer service staff if I could go to one of the restrooms inside. “To my amazement, she told me to go to the public toilets outside the building.” The 85-year-old pointed out that she was a little unsettled and had to cross a busy road on a weekday morning to reach these facilities, but bank staff refused to be swayed. “She told us we could come back later to complete the transaction, so we left so my daughter could find me a toilet to use.”


MUN from Luyang, meanwhile, expressed her displeasure with the stench coming from the women’s toilets at the restaurant. She had the impression that the restaurant employees were perhaps unaware of their responsibilities. “I was shocked to find that the toilet inside the cabin I entered was not working,” she said. “To make matters worse, I couldn’t even rinse my hands because all the sink taps were dry.” She said it was not the first time she had encountered this problem at the restaurant. “I noticed it the last time I ate at the restaurant a few years ago.” Mun said the appalling state of the toilets was highly unacceptable, given the appeal to the public to keep their hands clean at all times to ensure they did not contract Covid-19. “I hope that the town hall will solve the problems of these installations. “The authority should make it a priority to ensure that toilets are working and kept clean at all times so that new visitors, including foreign tourists, do not get a negative impression of the state capital.”
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