GCash’s GForest plants 1 million trees nationwide

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The Philippines’ leading digital mobile wallet company, GCash, has announced that it has planted 1 million trees through GForest, its environmental sustainability feature on the GCash app.

Since the launch of GForest in 2019, more than 10 million users have joined the cause. As of December 19, 2021, a total of 1,060,000 trees have been planted virtually by GForest users, of which 1 million have been converted to real trees planted in various locations. This is considered a huge achievement for anyone who has actively participated in the program as they champion environmental stewardship, in fact, if the amount of carbon emissions that GForest users saved were combined, GCash has in collected enough green energy to power over 25 trips around the Earth by plane!

“We are helping 55 million Filipinos go digital and cashless for more efficient and environmentally friendly transactions. Our conservation and environmental awareness efforts extend to giving back more with GForest. This also doubles as a reward system incentivizing our users to adopt greener habits,” said Martha Sazon, President and CEO of GCash.

GForest users earn Green Energy Points by using GCash’s various cashless services, such as Send Money, Pay Bills or In-App Bank Transfer – digital financial services that also reduce their carbon footprint , in addition to planting trees. GForest users can also collect green energy every time they walk if they allow GCash to access their health app or fitness tracker. These green energy points can be used to plant virtual trees. In November 2021, over 133 million digital and paperless transactions were made in GCash to earn green energy points for GForest users. This is in line with GCash’s mission to support environmental sustainability by maintaining a low individual carbon footprint and helping to fight climate change.

GCash has executed several pioneering joint GForest projects, including tree planting partnerships with World Wildlife Fund Philippines, Ayala Land Inc., Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI), HOPE, and Century Pacific Food, Inc. , in critical areas such as the Ipo watershed, Alaminos carbon forest, Luyang watershed and southern provinces of Cotabato and Sarangani.

Various tree species like Narra, Yakal, Molave, Guyabano and Coconut have been planted in these vulnerable locations nationwide, through GForest and its partners. Along with these designated areas, GCash is also identifying new sites it can reforest as it expands its sustainability program in the country.

Through GForest, GCash has also been able to support and empower local farming communities. Through the tree planting activities of GCash, HOPE and Century Pacific Inc., over 2,000 coconut farmers have received coconut seedlings which can help them have more produce and, in turn, to increase their income. Together with GCash, RAFI also organized orientation and tree planting sessions for 150 farmers to guide them in tree planting projects. The initiative aims to reach 1.3 million trees planted by 2022.

GCash is the only fintech company in the Philippines to have integrated sustainability functionality into its app, and has been recognized by global sustainability organizations. Recently, WWF Philippines awarded the Conservation Innovation Award to GCash. The leading mobile wallet company has also been recognized by the Miss Earth ECO Awards 2021 as well as BIOFIN for the environmental impact created by the campaign.

“As a technology company, this puts us in a good position to really promote a lower carbon footprint,” adds Sazon. GForest is a concrete expression of the company’s ESG or environmental, social and governance framework. GCash reiterates the importance of achieving financial results while ensuring that we protect the environment, care for our employees and the communities in which we operate, and work closely with stakeholders and governing bodies concerned to move forward.

“The GForest program proves that marrying new technologies with creative sustainability solutions is something organizations can achieve. We thank our partners and users for making this step possible. We look forward to being more ‘One with the Nation’ with our social responsibility initiatives in the years to come,” said ChitoManiago, Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs at GCash.

“One with the Nation” is GCash’s corporate social responsibility program that utilizes various initiatives, including NGO partnerships, disaster response and environmental management programs, and advocacy campaigns. education ends nationwide.

In addition to GForest, GCash’s various digital products and services allow users to conduct various cashless transactions, helping to reduce their carbon footprint and fight climate change.

Keep using GCash and become a “green hero” today!

For more information, visit www.gcash.com. – Rappler.com

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