Germany equips China against US will

gGermany is selling its propulsion technology to the Chinese navy, an investigation by publishing house Axel Springer revealed on July 11. Germany has ignored US demands and is allowing China’s military aggression in the South China Sea.

Papule reported that engine technology for Chinese warships comes from a German manufacturer mtu. “Internal documents now show that Berlin deliberately did not want to ban deliveries altogether, despite the United States insisting on this,” he added. Papule Noted (Trumpet translation throughout). This is just the latest example of Germany empowering enemies of the West

America and China have been at odds for years. China is gradually gaining control and militarizing the South China Sea and openly threatening to invade Taiwan.

Papule highlighted an incident in which 10 crew members of an Australian Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft were threatened by a Chinese warship aiming a military laser at them. “From a German point of view, all this seems far away. But the confrontation off Australia and other similar incidents involved Chinese missile destroyers fitted as standard with Type 956 engines manufactured by mtu of Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, Papule commented.

The United States tried for years to convince the German government to restrict these supplies and licenses, with little success. The German government finally restricted exports of engines for Chinese submarines in May 2017. These engines allow Chinese Song submarines to sneak past US warships in the Pacific. “In the event of war, American ships would be a potential target for torpedoes from Chinese submarines,” Papule Noted. Larger marine diesel engines, which could be used for war or civil operations, were not restricted.

The research institute Sipri regularly lists mtu deliveries to the Chinese Navy in its public database. Thus, the purpose of their use is known and not disputed. Even the most recently released Luyang in China iii the destroyers would be fitted with German engines. This has geopolitical consequences because welt am sonntag note: China asserts its claims to the South China Sea islands with the help of German technology. Papule also underlined Germany’s direct opposition to US policies:

One of [mtu’s] trading partners is the Shaanxi engine builder of Xingping in central China – and it is not a partner without problems: in 2020 the United States imposed financial sanctions on its parent company China State Shipbuilding Corp. – because of his ties to the Chinese military. In 2021, Joe Biden’s administration confirmed it. According to the Shaanxi website, however, the last time a Chinese mtu The vice president visited Shaanxi in September 2021, and they assured each other of their “deep friendship”. Shaanxi continues to build mtu Licensed 956 series engines “on a small scale to date”, a Rolls-Royce Power Systems spokesperson has now confirmed.

“The Germans shouldn’t sell this engine technology to China,” says Brent Sadler, a former naval officer who handled China policy at the Pentagon. That remained “the position of the US government” under both Democratic and Republican presidents, he said, quoted by Papule.

By cooperating with China instead of the United States, Germany became an economic superpower, but it did so by strengthening American enemies.

Overall, Germany has built an extensive economic partnership with China and ignored reports of Chinese slave labor camps. This goes against the principles he pledged to uphold after the World War ii. The German Siemens, for example, promised never to repeat its mistakes of cooperation with a dictatorship. “Still at present, Siemens is pushing to be allowed to continue using products made by Chinese slaves in Xinjiang province,” Trumpet editor Gerald Flurry explained in “Rising From the German Underground”. “Shamefully, many American companies also work with slaves in Xinjiang. But has Siemens really learned the lesson? Can you be sure he would never repeat his world war ii the story?”

Germany’s cooperation with China is also just one example among many. Despite US precautions and sanctions, Germany built deep economic ties with Russia that enabled Russia’s war in Ukraine. Germany also supplied Turkey with tanks which it used in Syria to oppose US targets, and it ignored US directives regarding Iran, the world’s main sponsor of terrorism. In 2019, for example, the German government refuse participate in a US-led military mission to deter Iran from jeopardizing international shipping lanes in the Strait of Hormuz. The German-led European Union is also seeking a free trade deal with Latin America with potentially dangerous ramifications for the United States.

The United States sought to bring stability to the world after Germany’s attempt to dominate the world during the World War ii. But Germany subtly undermined these efforts. The fact that Germany’s actions now endanger global security is remarkable considering that the United States still regards Germany as its ally. This not only indicates America’s weakness, but also Bible prophecy.

Mr. Flurry explained in May 1991 that the reason America fails to secure world peace “is because God has broken down the pride of our power – our will to win! …America must come to see that it is under the curse of God and repent of its sins.

This is a reference to Leviticus 26:19 where it is written that God would “shatter the pride of your power” as a curse for disobedience. As explained in The United States and Britain in prophecy, by Herbert W. Armstrong, this chapter is directed primarily to English-speaking peoples today. In October 1961 All the truth, Mr Armstrong said that “unless or until the United States as a whole repents and returns to what has become a hollow slogan on its dollars: ‘In God we trust’, the United States of America have won their last war!”

This is the real reason why Germany and other nations are taking over America. Only national repentance can save us from global chaos. To understand this amazing truth and learn how God will bring real and lasting peace to this Earth, request a free copy of The United States and Britain According to Prophecy.

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