iQIYI Launches Luoyang Original Series Globally, As Part Of Its IP Universe

BEIJING, November 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — iQIYI, a market-leading innovative online entertainment service Chinawill present its original drama Luoyang on December 1st exclusively on the main iQIYI application, the iQiyi International application and The launch marks Luoyang as the first city to feature in the iQIYI Chinese Historic City Universe (iCHCU), which, encompassing a variety of content drawing inspiration from beijing, CantonLongxi County of Dingxi, Dunhuang, Nankeenand other Chinese cities, aims to bridge the gap between China local culture and iQIYI’s global audience. During the press conference held on November 26 in Shanghaithe company highlighted the importance of iCHCU as the company continues to explore and diversify the business value of IPs.

As the first production of “iCHCU of Luoyang”, the TV series Luoyang has so far attracted more than 3.55 million users who have shown interest in watching on the main iQIYI app. Overseas audiences also showed strong interest in the show, which reached seven trending topics rankings on Twitter in Singapore, South Korea, Thailandand Vietnam. Prior to the announcement of its premiere, the show had already been successfully distributed to seven countries and regions, including Japan, South Koreaand Malaysia. After the premiere, the show will air on more local mainstream channels and platforms in other countries and regions.

iQIYI officially announced the IP development plan for iCHCU at its iJOY conference in October, as part of the continuous innovation and diversification of its monetization model. iCHCU represents iQIYI’s latest attempt to build an IP universe and create an integrated IP development model that offers new types of content and new opportunities for cultural consumption.

Currently, twelve projects and more – including dramas, variety shows, documentaries, anime series, games, merchandise, virtual reality and commercial real estate projects – are in development. as part of iCHCU Luoyang. In addition to the already aired comic book series and variety show, iQIYI announced that the company’s original documentary Shen Du Luoyang and the original iQIYI animation Luo Yang (Anime) will also be available to viewers in December.

WANG Xiaohui, President of Professional Content Business Group (PCG) and Chief Content Officer of iQIYI, highlighted the breakthrough that the launch of iCHCU represents: With its release, iCHCU shows that iQIYI is breaking new ground in cinematic expression, original intellectual property development, and business model innovation. “For example, in terms of cinematic expression, underpinning iCHCU’s integration of a variety of stories and forms of expression are iQIYI’s creativity, execution ability and expertise. in film industrialization, which the company has spent more than a decade perfecting. “Years of hard work have laid the foundation for the company’s attempt to break through the boundaries of today,” Wang said. .

In terms of business model innovation, Wang reiterated iQIYI’s commitment to intellectual property development. Wang said, “Robust IPs come from developing a value chain, which will provide long-term sustainable business return.

Luoyang tells the story of a group of heroes who, despite the challenges, bravely defended the city of Luoyang and protected the people. In real life, the city of Luoyang is of great historical and cultural significance in China and was named one of the famous historical and cultural cities by the State Council.

The story is adapted from the novel Luoyang by MA Boyong, one of the most acclaimed authors China and winner of the prestigious popular literature award. During the press conference, Ma shared his inspiration for creating the story, “I love history. As a person who studies history, I find that no matter what period of history you study , Luoyang is a city you can never miss. Then I realized we should do something for a city so rich in legends.”

The show featured a talented cast and crew. Jointly produced by iQIYI and Liubai Entertainment and created by iQIYI Rising Studio, the show was directed by XIE Ze, with scripts by QING Mei and WU Cong. The show also stars HUANG Xuan, WANG Yibo and SONG Qian, acclaimed Chinese actors and actresses with global reach.

As the demand for Asian content continues to rise around the world, Chinese language content (C content) is also becoming increasingly popular among viewers around the world. By working with industry talent, iQIYI hopes to introduce more C content to a more international audience through its IP universe.


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