Kate Middleton just shared a rare personal post to mark a milestone


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Kate Middleton has long been known to love photography, not least because of the adorable snaps she took of her children that were shared to mark key moments like birthdays.

Last year, Kate participated in the selection of 100 photographs which were exhibited in the Hold Still exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. The collection of images told the stories of people throughout 2020, giving insight into their individual lives and painting a larger picture of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now Kate has announced that she has written an introduction for the companion book Hold Still, in a rare personal post on Kensington Royal social media.

“When we look back on the COVID-19 pandemic in the decades to come, we will think about the challenges we have all faced – the loved ones we have lost, the prolonged isolation from our families and friends, and the strain on us. our main workers. But we will also remember the positives: the incredible acts of kindness, the helpers and heroes that have emerged from all walks of life, and how together we have adjusted to a new normal, ”she said in the post. who also features a brand new photo of Kate looking relaxed while holding her camera.

“Through Hold Still, I wanted to use the power of photography to create a lasting recording of what we all experience – to capture the stories of individuals and document important moments for families and communities as we live through the pandemic. . VS. “

The poignant message, signed with a “ C ” for Catherine, shows how passionate the royal and passionate photographer is about the project. We sometimes see Kate’s husband Prince William signing personal social media posts with a ‘W’ as well, but that’s rare.

Kensington Royal also posted an unboxing video of Kate’s new book (a phrase we never thought we’d type!) Revealing its hard-hitting cover.

“This new book will bring together the last 100 Hold Still portraits which provided a unique record of our shared and individual experiences of the first lockdown in the UK. Funds raised from the sale of the book will be shared between leading mental health charity Mind and the National Portrait Gallery, ”the post read.

Hold Still will be available in UK bookstores and online from Friday 7 May, and is now available for pre-order.

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