KK’s first 5G tower in Luyang

Lim at the site of the first 5G tower in Luyang.

KOTA KINABALU (April 25): The city hall plans to set up the first 5G telecommunications tower (or smart pole) in Kota Kinabalu in Taman Jindo, Luyang, which will allow residents to be the first to enjoy more network services. safer and faster.

Welcoming the plan, Luyang community development officer Lim Kat Chung said many people mistakenly believe that “the faster the network speed, the higher the radiation emissions” from the telecommunications tower; In fact, the power of 5G telecommunication towers is much lower than that of 4G.

Lim, citing a report from the International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), said the signals emitted by 5G telecommunications towers are necessarily non-ionizing radiation (low frequency, low energy, long wavelength) .

“We can operate 5G infrastructure without any health risk, although the media may suggest otherwise, the science is very clear on this point,” he said, quoting Rodney Croft, adviser to the International Commission. protection against non-ionizing radiation (ICNIRP). ).

“From 2G base stations to 5G base stations, the radiation is actually decreasing. Taking China Mobile as an example, in the era of 4G, the power of large base stations is about 40 watts. The power of small base stations is 20 watts. Using 5G technology, the power of micro base stations is only 10 watts, and the power of pico base stations is even as low as 250 milliwatts, which is lower than that of household light bulbs (15 watts at 40 watts).

He added that the confusion stems from the fact that the words “radiation” and “radioactivity”, which imply the disintegration of elements, have been confused. In fact, radiation is not necessarily radioactive and non-ionizing radiation is harmless to humans.

Lim, who is also a top adviser to the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP), criticized Luyang Phoong MP Jin Zhe’s public statement rejecting the installation of the 5G telecom tower project in Taman Jindo.

“He (Phoong) did not do his due diligence. Maybe he was too lazy to even call the mayor to ask for confirmation, but prefers to spend his time making social media announcements. If he didn’t even know the purpose and function of the telecommunications tower, how could he convey correct information to voters in the constituency?

“It was not the first time that Phoong made such false accusations, but on a few other issues that I think he knew little about,” he said.

Lim said the 5G tower project has already been confirmed. Unfortunately, the contractor should not have started the work until the documentation was complete. Technically, a temporary setback should not be the reason for rejecting 5G development in Luyang.

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