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Last 25 Benoni apartments from RM 275,000

Posted on: Friday October 16, 2020

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Susan announces that the WSG Group is selling the last 25 units of Benoni Gardens Apartment Tower B to Papar.

PAPAR: Reputable developer WSG Group is now offering the last 25 units of Benoni Gardens Apartment Tower B for RM 275,000. MyHome program ”. In addition, she said buyers will be granted stamp duty exemption for the transfer protocol and loan agreement.


“The Certificate of Occupancy (OC) for Benoni Gardens Apartment Tower B is expected to be obtained by June of next year. “Buyers of Tower B will soon be able to move into their new homes! She said in a statement on Thursday. Susan urged young people, especially first-time buyers, to seize the golden opportunity and buy a unit of Benoni Gardens Apartment, either as their own home or as an investment, given the government’s offer of a RM 30,000 incentive under the MyHome program. Noting the great potential of the district of Papar, she has focused her development projects in Kinarut and Papar in recent years. “Papar holds a special place in his heart, it is the hometown of his mother Datin Seri Panglima Wong Chen Si Mui. That’s why 10 years ago in 2010, I decided to acquire 100 acres of land in Kampung Benoni Papar along the Pan Borneo Highway. “My vision is to build a huge satellite township, which included the Benoni shopping center and the Benoni Gardens apartment spanning 40 acres of land,” she said, adding that the Benoni shopping center has 178 units. of two- and three-story stores, where there is the KFC Drive-thru, a hypermarket, and other retail businesses and restaurants operate. Meanwhile, Susan said the Benoni Gardens Apartment Tower A and B have 230 units in total. She said Tower A, consisting of 115 units, has been completed and mostly occupied. “Units listed on the rental market are bought quickly and offer favorable returns to owners, as the apartment is conveniently located near amenities such as retail stores, hypermarkets and restaurants. “On top of that, the upper floors provide residents with stunning sea or mountain views, not to mention 24-hour security,” she said. Susan said Tower B was launched in early December last year and has received encouraging responses from buyers. “The units in Tower B were quickly recovered shortly after launch.


“Construction of Tower B is progressing smoothly, and we expect the project to complete and get the OC by June 2021,” she said. Considering the market demand, Susan said the company has decided to sell the last 25 units of Tower B. “Those who are considering buying an apartment should not miss this opportunity, especially young buyers. a first home, ”she said. She added that the company was aware of the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economy. Therefore, Susan said the WSG Group has applied for and obtained approval for Benoni Gardens Apartment to be listed under the MyHome program so that first-time buyers can apply for the RM 30,000 government incentive. “It’s a great incentive for home buyers looking for their first home. For a 300,000 RM apartment, the government incentive of 30,000 RM is equivalent to 10% of the price of the house. “If the buyer can get a 90% home loan, they could own a home without having to make a down payment,” she said. She added that the WSG group has also participated in the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC). Between June 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021, she said buyers who purchase residential homes from the company, including Benoni Gardens Apartment, will be granted stamp duty relief on the transfer memorandum and agreement. loan. Susan stated that the remaining 25 units of Benoni Gardens Apartment have a built-up area of ​​1,000 square feet (ft²). “Each unit has good ventilation and sufficient natural light, has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a balcony. “Once the Benoni Gardens Apartment units are sold out, it will be difficult to find another apartment with such attractive prices and full facilities in this area. “This is because the cost of land and building materials is constantly increasing,” she said. Benoni Gardens Apartment is conveniently located next to the Benoni Shopping Center with thriving commercial activities. Among the outlets in the mall are KFC Restaurant and Drive Thru, Servay Hypermarket, Golden Dragon City Supermarket, Court, Mr. DIY, 7-Eleven Convenience Store, 99 Speedmart and a variety of cafes and restaurants. . The WSG Group launched the Parkland Villa earlier this month, comprising 180 units of two-story townhouses. The new housing project is in the center of Parkland City, which includes 200 stores, McDonald’s Drive Thru, a hypermarket, retail stores, a college, a medical center, banks and hotels. Susan said the Benoni and Parkland developments are about to complement each other and become a huge satellite township in Papar. She was confident about the bright prospects and growth potential of Benoni and Parkland, as the developments are located near Papar Township, surrounded by thriving commercial areas, a center of government administration, secondary and primary schools. . More importantly, she said the projects were located along the Pan Borneo Highway which connects Kota Kinabalu with Brunei, Sarawak and the interior districts of Sabah including Keningau, Tenom and Nabawan. “When the Pan Borneo highway is completed, the travel time between Papar and KK will be reduced to just 30 minutes by road,” she said. Interested buyers or investors can contact 088-269980, 088-260989, 088-910223 or 013-4358067 for more details or to make a reservation.


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