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Luyang’s home owner warned to clean up mess

Posted on: Tuesday, September 28, 2021

By: Sidney Skinner

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The owner explains to CDLU staff that overgrown trees are “herbs” that she grows, under the watchful eyes of city hall inspectors.

TOWN HALL staff will keep an eye on a house off Lorong Angsana in Luyang to ensure that the owner is taking regular care of the compound. This follows a complaint that the property was a mess, with overgrown trees and weeds covering the yard. There was also feedback on a foul odor coming from the management of the premises. The agency confirmed those concerns were justified during a preliminary home check earlier this month.


A spokeswoman for the town hall’s health and environment department said her inspectors and staff from Luyang’s Community Development Leaders Unit (CDLU) were shocked by what they saw during the visit. inspection. The former were put off by the bad smell coming from the direction of the many bagged items piled up inside and outside the house, she said. She said that the latter, on the other hand, had been taken aback by the “mini jungle” which had arisen at the address “An inspector observed piles of plastic bags in the embrasure of a door, as well as in the ‘pregnant. The mess reminded him of what he had seen on the American reality show ‘Extreme Hoarders’, ”she said.

Plastic bags of garbage were stacked inside and outside the house.

“The other couldn’t smell the scent coming from what was inside the bags. The two masks, covering his nose and mouth, didn’t do much to alleviate the strong odor and, for a while, he considered putting on a third in the hopes that it would reduce the discomfort. that he felt. She said the CDLU representative couldn’t forget the sight of overgrown branches and vines spilling out of the property. “The perimeter fence was not visible and, if the owner had not been present, it would have been difficult to locate the entrance to the grounds as the front gate was partly obscured by the neglected greenery.” She said the occupant of the residence was questioned about these irregularities. “The occupant explained that the bags contained leftover food which she transformed into compost. She told the group that the eggshells, among this garbage, gave off an unpleasant odor when they were broken down.

The main entrance to this Luyang house is hidden by overgrown trees and weeds.

“As for the trees and plants that had invaded the enclosure, she said they were ‘herbs’ that she grew. The spokeswoman said that prior to their departure, town hall staff gave her a verbal warning to clean her house as it was becoming a nuisance to the public in the area.


She said that the agency’s inspectors had returned to this address twice since this first check. Five officers from the Kota Kinabalu Health Unit (KKHO) joined them for the second inspection which took place in the second week of September. “KKHO staff gave the owner a ‘Notis pungutan jentik-jentik (mosquito larvae collection notice)’. Samples were then taken from fluids found in flowerpots and other containers in his yard.

The staff of the town hall cloud the common area and the road in front of the house.

The individual also received a notice from the town hall, at the time, urging him to clean up his complex. “She has agreed to remove unwanted items, including garbage and empty containers, from her yard,” the spokesperson said. “Plus, she told us she would take care of her overgrown trees and plants.” She said the town hall fogged up the premises and the housing road around 5 p.m. one day after the joint inspection. “Our landscaping department takes care of pruning any branches that hang over the fence.” The spokeswoman said the owner was given a grace period to meet the demands of the town hall. “Other measures will be taken against her, if she does not. We could even take legal action if she doesn’t keep her word. “Our staff and KKHO staff will check in on what is happening at the residence from time to time. NICHOLAS from Luyang lamented the condition of the house in Taman Kinabalu as eye pain. “It creates a bad impression of the neighborhood, especially in the eyes of first-time visitors,” he said. “A lot of those who don’t know the area feel like the house could be abandoned. They are shocked to learn that there is someone staying there. He denounced the owner as being irresponsible for not having maintained his land.

Health service personnel take samples of fluids found in empty containers inside the complex.

“It looks like a nature reserve. Overgrown vegetation on the property is a potential fire hazard. “If the complex were to burn down, neighboring properties, including a kindergarten, could also catch fire. Nicholas wanted to know if the local authorities could be held responsible for the damage and loss of life if this happened. He said one of his neighbors brought these concerns to town hall a few years ago. “The complex was occupied some time later, but has since become neglected again. “I do not understand how the town hall could ignore this problem. ”

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