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File a formal claim for vehicle damage, motorist says

Published on: Tuesday August 16th, 2022

From: Sidney Skinner

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3 large scratches are visible on the passenger side of the car which belongs to a Sambulan driver.

A motorist in Sembulan is advised to lodge a complaint with the town hall for the damage he suffered when part of a lamppost fell on his car, with the agency pledging to be more attentive to any irregularities involving these developments to minimize inconvenience to the public The authority’s contractors have also resolved technical issues that recently rendered streetlights inoperative along two separate roads in Luyang. A city hall spokesman confirmed that a light bulb and its housing had detached from a lamp post along Jalan Penampang. “A check of our records indicates that the wire, to which these fixtures had been attached, broke,” he said.

“Damaged components were replaced shortly thereafter.” He said the agency was aware that the falling bulb had dented the roof of a passing car and scuffed the bodywork. “The owner of the vehicle has so far not made a formal claim for compensation.

The bulb and protective cover, which dented the car and damaged the body, were lying on the road behind the vehicle.

“We hope he puts his claim for the repairs in writing and attaches a copy of the police report on what happened at the time.” “The driver must submit these documents to our finance department.” The spokesperson said they would be passed on to the insurance company hired by the town hall, once the details of the incident had been verified internally. He said the lampposts on the edge and the divider in this section of Jalan Penampang were under agency maintenance. “We will be stepping up our efforts to keep an eye on the main road to ensure that any issues with this equipment are dealt with as soon as possible. “The contractor, responsible for looking after the lights, has been asked to carry out periodic checks to ensure that the lights are functional and prevent potential dangers for road users. “Motorists and pedestrians, who use the section, can also do their part to report any problems with these developments to us. HARIZ from Sembulan was driving on Jalan Penampang towards the traffic light intersection, where the road meets Jalan Wisma Pertanian, when the street light fell out.


“I was heading to the State Archives, from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, around 11:30 a.m.,” he said. “I could see the nurses’ hostel to my left, when I heard a loud bang above me. “The impact gave me the shock of my life. Luckily, I didn’t lose control of my car and swerved through traffic in the lane beside mine. He said he pulled over to check the condition of his vehicle. “I found the light bulb lying on the road behind me. I felt like the protective cover attached to the light somehow came off. The roof of my car was dented.

The contractor fixing the lights of Jalan Kolam at night during the heavy rain.

“Worse still, the body of my car was badly scratched. There were three perpendicular lines on the passenger side, which looked like a runaway dinosaur from ‘Jurassic Park’ had played with my car and left its claw marks behind. Hariz said he contacted City Hall about the incident, but has yet to hear what the agency plans to do about the damage to his car. He provided Hotline with the time and date the bulb fell out. This information was forwarded to the agency’s engineering department. Meanwhile, a faulty “contactor and a few igniters” were the cause of street lamps at Mile 2 Jalan Kolam and along residential roads in Taman BPL, the spokesperson said. He said the bulbs in some of the lights along Jalan Budaya, in the latter area, had also blown. “Skybenders have been deployed to assist with repairs at both locations.


“Our contractor braved the downpour on Jalan Kolam to replace the ‘contactor’ inside the control panel for the lights the night they went out. JAIMON from Luyang complained about the lack of lighting between the Taman Layang-Layang turnoff and the Jalan Kolam-Jalan Damai traffic light intersection near Foh Sang at night. “This situation is dangerous for motorists exiting the neighborhood on the main road because they have to deal with speeding drivers on this last stretch,” he said. “One evening, my car was nearly hit by an oncoming road user as I was driving from Layang-Layang district to the city. Jaimon raised his concerns about the streetlight failure with local authorities but said nothing had been done, so far, to restore the lights. NICA, who lives in Taman BPL, said many lights in the neighborhood had been out of service for six months. She did not understand how the town hall could turn a blind eye to this problem. “There have been several burglaries in the neighborhood,” Nica said. “I fear that unscrupulous parties will take advantage of the lack of lighting along the road to commit these misdeeds.”
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