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Man drowns amid flash floods and landslides

Posted on: Saturday 04 September 2021

By: Stefyanie Myla Micheal, Lorena Binisol, Ahmad Apong, Jimmy Goh

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Aerial view of flooding in Kolombong.

Kota Kinabalu: A man in his 50s is said to have drowned near the Proton Inanam service center here on Friday night. road stopped to help. Agustavia Joe Guasi, chief of the Lintas Fire and Rescue Station (BBP), said the physical examination revealed the victim had no pulse. No identification documents were found on the victim’s body, she said when contacted. Meanwhile, continuous rains that started Thursday afternoon caused flash floods in several neighborhoods on the west coast of Sabah and several roads became impassable, evacuating dozens of people to temporary evacuation centers. (PPS) and at least one case of a blown vehicle. They include areas of Kota Kinabalu such as Kolombong, Inanam, Luyang, Manggatal as well as Penampang, Beaufort and Sipitang.

Landslide near the Shangri-la Bandaran Berjaya hotel.


About fifty people quarantined at the Shangri-la Bandaran Berjaya hotel also had to be evacuated around 3 p.m. following a landslide in the slope adjacent to the hotel. It is not known whether squatters in several parts of Signal Hill that have been the subject of complaints may have affected stability.

The car that was swept away by strong currents

Two people inside a car that was swept away while trying to cross a river are said to be still missing, although the vehicle ended up in Sinulihan, Inanam. The video clip of their ordeal was captured by other motorists and went viral on social media. Misran Bisara, deputy director of operations for the Sabah Fire and Rescue Service, said 22 families were evacuated to Dewan DSP Mohd Dun Banir Temporary Evacuation Center (PPS) in Beaufort. The water level at Sg Padas, Beaufort, was also said to have reached a dangerous level with a reading of 8.73 above mean sea level (AMSL), while at Sg Membakut it had reached 6.92 AMSL. Heavy rains caused the level of Sungai Mengalong to rise sharply and the excessive overflow caused some villages to be flooded. Some roads were reported to be impassable with fallen trees in front of KK Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bendera and near SK Kolombong.

One of the flooded areas of Penampang.

In Penampang, residents of Donggonggon have braced for the flooding and many are frustrated with the still unresolved issue despite the change of government a year ago. “This is nothing new,” said a resident of Kg Dungkahang-Dahab. “Year after year, the same problem, but there has never been a solid solution,” he said. “This time I don’t want to say anything, I’m just waiting for the water to calm down, if the rains continue maybe I find myself stranded at home for almost two days, that’s fine with me.” Another resident of Kg Babah, Bunduon, also showed his anger at the frequent floods that hit his village. Mohd Izzul @Kichoy Kok moved to the village in 2015 and started to experience flooding from 2017.


“There is always so much cleaning to do, we have to move our cars to higher ground and so on. “The situation worsened when the Pan Borneo road project resumed and housing development started to take place around this area,” said Mohd Izzul. Grace Tingu from Kg Rugading, Babagon, was disheartened to see a landslide occur on part of the main road in her village and feared for those who live there. Although there had been no flooding, she was concerned about the frequent landslides that occur there. She said several authorities checked the condition some time ago, but villagers had yet to see any progress. Another frequently affected area is Taman Regency Park, where Linda Cabanlit lives with her family. “I received a photo from a family member while I was still working outside. I couldn’t go home because the rain hasn’t stopped yet, ”she said. The river at Kg Kondundungan always overflows when it rains heavily and most of the vegetable gardens would be destroyed. In BEAUFORT, a main road near the SESB office leading to Kg Binunuk and Balibata partially collapsed due to erosion from flooding in Sungai Padas. “The road started giving way since Friday morning,” said Sumali, a villager from Kg Binunuk, who hoped the public works department would take appropriate measures to prevent accidents and circumstances that could lead to erosion as it cuts off the access of neighboring villages to Pekan Beaufort. He said the affected road is the only link between Kg Binunuk and Balibata and Beaufort. “Once the road is completely cut off, many residents of the two villages will have problems accessing food and other items. “It also disrupts our economic system as it is also used to transport Kg Binunuk’s oil palm,” he said, adding that contractors selling sand also use the road. He said heavy vehicles should stop using the road due to its current condition, as this will only increase erosion and further damage the stretch. He said the ministry should also think about ways to widen the stretch. In KENINGAU, the main road at Km 14 and Km 18 Keningau-Apin-Apin road to Kg Liau Laut and Kg Kikiran here was closed due to a road collapse on Friday morning. People wishing to go to Apin-Apin or Tambunan are advised to take the alternative routes offered by the Direction des Travaux Publics (PWD). Keningau Division Public Works Department (PWD) engineer Zulkefli Salip Arjud, when contacted, said repairs would be carried out immediately by the concessionaire, Lintasan. Those who want to go to Apin-Apin or Tambunan are advised to take the Magatang-Ranggom Kapayan road. Deputy Minister of Public Works Datuk Robert Tawik @ Nordin said the collapse was due to soil erosion from heavy rains overnight. The assembly member from Bingkor said the road is the main daily route for the public from Keningau to Apin-Apin or Tambunan and vice versa. District Police Chief Deputy Superintendent Shahrudin Mat Husain said the road collapse occurred at kilometer 14 and kilometer 18 at Kg Liau Laut and Kg Kikiran Apin-Apin respectively. Shahrudin advised the public to be vigilant in light of the rainy weather and immediately report any incidents, especially landslides, damaged or collapsed roads, and flooding to authorities for further action.

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