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New exercise station for the elderly at Tun Fuad Park

Published on: Thursday April 28, 2022

From: Sidney Skinner

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Left: The Tun Fuad Park exercise station is popular with many seniors and Tun Fuad Park stationary exercise equipment requires very little maintenance.

The city hall recognizes the popularity of the Tun Fuad Stephens Park exercise station in Luyang, especially among many elderly people, and plans to install another one. The management of the Penampang Sports Complex, on the other hand, will weigh considering the possibility of installing similar static exercise equipment on the ground if there is sufficient interest in such facilities. The local public is advised to make a formal request for this.

A spokesperson for City Hall’s landscaping department said the second exercise station would be established at the park once it receives an allowance to do so. “Before we have more static equipment, however, we intend to upgrade the Tai Chi area on the pitch,” he said. “We secured funding under the ‘Rancangan Malaysia Ke-12 (Twelfth Malaysian Plan)’ to realize these intentions.” Apart from Tun Fuad Park, he added that there are also exercise stations in Likas Public Park, Cycle Path along Likas Bay and Ujana Rimba Tropika near Taman Fortuna. He praised the durability of static exercise equipment, saying such facilities have been particularly well received in places where the public might hike or jog. “Unlike mechanical equipment – ​​which can require servicing every six months – static equipment only needs a fresh coat of paint once in a while.” He said the latter required very little maintenance. Asked about the rationale for renovating the Tai Chi area at Tun Fuad Park, the spokesperson said it was deemed necessary due to the damage in that part of the grounds. “The town hall received comments that the concrete floor, where practitioners gathered, was riddled with cracks. “It was feared that the elderly in this group would injure themselves if they tripped and fell. He said a consultant had confirmed the safety risks posed by the damaged floor.

The individual had submitted a project to the town hall for the proposed improvement works, according to him. “We will try to get temporary repairs done to this area, in the meantime, for the benefit of everyone who comes to exercise here. “Priority will be given to getting the floor in order before starting to assemble another exercise station at the park.” Meanwhile, users of the Penampang resort should write to management to have an exercise station installed on the grounds. A management spokesperson said they should explain why they felt static exercise equipment was needed at the resort in their letter. He said they should also suggest potential locations where the station could be located. He said this correspondence would be forwarded to the National Sports Council for further consideration. “Until now, the public has never approached us to establish a one-stop outdoor static exercise center,” the spokesperson said. AMOS said many of his elderly friends in Penampang use the stationary exercise equipment from Tun Fuad Park and Ujana Tropika. “They have to come all the way from their homes near Donggongon just to do this,” he said. “These elderly people could be spared this inconvenience if only the Complex had similar facilities.


He said many of those retirees used the resort’s race track, where he befriended them. “I go jogging there between 6 and 7 a.m. every morning. There are grassy areas around the track where stationary exercise equipment could be placed. Amos wanted to know if the relevant local authority would consider setting up a similar one-stop exercise center at the Complex or in another public space around Penampang. The district council was asked about his suggestion. An agency spokesperson said that, unlike City Hall, there were no public parks under the council’s jurisdiction. “We only deal with playgrounds in neighborhoods within our grading area,” he said. “It may not be appropriate to install static exercise equipment for the public at these locations.”
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