Open for business, say KTV family operators


From left to right: Red, Ivan and Phoong.

KOTA KINABALU (September 27): KTV family operators have asked the state government to allow them to resume their activities, which have been closed for 14 months since the first movement control order (MCO).

Two of the operators named Red and Ivan sought help from Luyang Phoong MP Jin Zhe in expressing their difficulties to the government.

“We haven’t been able to run our business for 14 months since the first movement control order.

“We are under tremendous financial pressure and we wouldn’t be looking for help if we weren’t on the verge of collapse,” said Red and Ivan.

“We have borne all expenses including rental, utilities, Socso, EPF, income taxes, employee salaries with our cash reserves.

“We cannot continue and if the government continues to sideline us, we will have to close,” shared the young entrepreneurs.

“Family KTV is categorized as entertainment services and therefore we are unable to apply for any SME loans or aid that has been provided in the stimulus packages.

“It’s disappointing because we are in difficulty, but no aid or loan is given to ease the financial pressure.

“We are different from nightclubs because we have booths to comply with strict operating procedures. It is also proven that we never create clusters.

“It is illogical that contact sports are allowed but we continue to be prohibited from operating,” shared the operators.

Phoong demands equal treatment from the state government for all companies.

“If the government takes the approach of safe reopening and transitioning to endemicity, all businesses should be treated equally and allowed to reopen with strict SOPs.

“This includes those who are still banned namely beauty salons, manicures, pedicures and others that are banned from the MCO.

“Since the minister has already said that all decisions are based on science and facts, those sectors that have never started clusters should be allowed to operate,” said PH Sabah Youth chief.

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