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Over 20 lampposts along Jalan Bundusan restored

Published on: Thursday 08 September 2022

From: Sidney Skinner

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A technician from the town hall checks the components of the lights in this part of Dah Yeh Villa.

More than 20 streetlights on the Jalan Bundusan divider were restored last night, nearly nine months after the control panel for such equipment was first destroyed. A spokesman for the Penampang District Council said it was still trying to identify the driver of the hit-and-run who disturbed the public. lighting over a range of 1.2 kilometers of the section. The panel housing was torn from its foundation following the accident, with the mechanisms inside – including the electric meter – completely demolished, he said.

The main road at this roundabout, near Fairway Mansions, has been plunged into darkness at night since January.


“Until we filed a damage report, the police were unaware of what happened,” he said. “We suspect whoever hit the sign did not make an insurance claim for the damage to their vehicle.” He said the agency had received numerous grouses about the lack of lighting, between the roundabouts near Fairway Mansions and Taman KCK, since January. “We regret the inconvenience caused to our ratepayers in the neighborhoods along this part of Jalan Bundusan. “Despite our attempts to try to resolve the street lighting issues as soon as possible, the hold-up could not be avoided.”

A hit and run destroyed the previous control panel.

The spokesperson explained that due to the complexity of the bidding process, a contractor was not appointed to replace the sign until mid-July. “A new panel was put in place a month later, once some problems with the cables passing under the partition had been resolved. An application was filed with Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) soon after to have the meter replaced, he said. “Council engineers met with SESB officials on Monday to inquire about the replacement. “This device was installed in the control panel the next day.”

The streetlights in this part of Jalan Bundusan were tested during the day.

He said the contractor visited Jalan Bundusan on Wednesday to check the condition of the affected streetlights. Because they had sat inert for so long, he said, there was concern that some of this equipment might not work as it should.


“The contractor tested the lights during the day and repaired any that failed.” PRITCHARD, who lives in Taman Reservoir Phase 2, wanted to know how much longer the main road would be in darkness. “The lack of lighting has become a source of frustration and concern for those of us whose homes are located near Jalan Bundusan,” he said. He said his house was broken into twice years ago. “The thieves climbed over the fence behind my residence at night. “It gave me reason to be concerned for the well-being and safety of my family and my property.” A resident of Taman KCK, ZAINUDDIN, on the other hand, wondered if some kind of electricity theft was to blame for these street lighting problems. “The squatters could siphon off the power supply intended for the lights,” he said. “I don’t understand how local authorities could turn a blind eye to such events.” He expressed concern about the dangers the unlit section of Jalan Bundusan posed to drivers and pedestrians. A pedestrian was hit while trying to cross the main road recently, according to Zainuddin. Meanwhile, the town hall took care of streetlights along a residential road in the Dah Yeh Villa area. A spokesperson for the agency’s engineering department said a skymaster had been deployed to aid efforts to resolve these issues. “Our contractor has repaired damaged components to some of the lights along Lorong Kenawai 4,” he said. He said that maintenance was carried out on this equipment as and when it became necessary to do so. “Because our assessment area covers a large area, our staff cannot be everywhere at once to determine where and when the lights fail. “As such, we hope that those staying at this part of Dah Yeh Villa should notify us directly of any issues involving these amenities.” The spokesperson said this would allow the town hall to try to restore public lighting as quickly as possible. ELAINE from Luyang claimed that several cars parked in the common areas where she lives had been broken into at night in recent months. She said one of her neighbors recently saw someone smash a car window. “I think my residential road may be too dimly lit and I hope the town hall will give serious consideration to keeping all the streetlights here operational,” she said. Elaine was of the opinion that unscrupulous parties could take advantage of this situation to commit their misdeeds. “I fear they will start targeting our homes next.”
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