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Penampang council receives 612 complaints of undervalued cars

Published on: Tuesday, June 14, 2022

From: Sidney Skinner

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Council staff noting details of this abandoned car at the Golden Plaza.

The district council faces an uphill battle trying to persuade drivers not to dump their unwanted vehicles in common areas around Penampang, with the agency receiving a total of 612 reports of abandoned automobiles so far this year . A council spokesman said around 200 notices have been issued to vehicle owners in the district about the issue since the start of this year. “These people have been given formal orders to remove their property after ignoring verbal calls from our enforcement officers to do so,” he said.

“We are still waiting for the road transport and police services to send us the relevant information, before intervening to take care of the remaining cars.”

The town hall is checking this sport utility vehicle which was dumped in a section of Taman Jindo.

He said the former had provided the Council with the contact details of the owner while the latter had to confirm whether these abandoned vehicles had been used in criminal activity. The spokesperson said some 106 automobiles had been towed by the agency in the past six months. “Owners must settle a resort under the Uniform (Anti-Litter) Regulations 2010, along with towing charges and impound fees, before their automobiles can be returned to them.” “They have 30 days to do it. Any remaining vehicles after this are then eliminated. He declined to explain how the Council got rid of these automobiles. He said a compound of up to RM500 could be imposed on errant motorists under the statutes. The Council recently hired a mobile crane operator to remove a car from an open space in Millennium Heights, he said. “Three notices were given to the owner between December 2021 and May but he/she refused to comply with our instructions.” The spokesperson said the agency’s law enforcement team had identified public areas around Suria apartments, as well as areas of Koidupan and Majukota, as ‘hotspots’ for dumping. of cars.

Abandoned vehicles like the one on the right at Ujana Kingfisher make it difficult for taxpayers to get in and out of their homes.

“We took these abandoned vehicles seriously because they are a nuisance to the public. “More importantly, however, these unwanted cars and trucks could become a potential breeding ground for Aedes mosquitoes.” Penampang’s ERENNA said a vehicle had been abandoned near some stores in Golden Plaza for “many years”.

“The car is in terrible condition and the paint on the body is already starting to fade,” she said. “The vehicle makes this part of the shopping area unsightly. ‘I fear that unscrupulous parties will vandalize the car and start targeting those of us who live here next.’ Meanwhile, the town hall is processing abandoned vehicles at Taman Fu Yen Phase 5 in Luyang, Taman Jindo which is also in Luyang, Teck Guan Villa in Lido area and Ujana Kingfisher in Likas. A spokesperson for the agency’s enforcement department said the cases of Taman Fu Yen and Teck Guan Villa both involved trucks. “Notices were left on these vehicles in each case asking the owner to move their property,” he said. “It was done at Teck Guan Villa in March and at Taman Fu Yen a month later.” He said compound was left on the windshield of the truck at the old location in April. The spokesperson said the town hall received three separate complaints about the vehicle in Teck Guan Villa between March and June and one each about similar automobiles in the other residential areas. He said his officers were checking for “car dumping” issues at Taman Fu Yen, Taman Jindo and Ujana Kingfisher. “Our officers will have to determine who owns these vehicles, if this turns out to be true. “They are going to talk to local residents to try to find out who the owners are. “If that fails, we will seek the assistance of the Department of Road Transport to obtain those details.”


He said owners would be instructed to remove their vehicles and given a grace period to do so. A letter to this effect will be sent to these individuals, he said. “If he/she does not comply with our instructions, further action will be taken against him/her.” DARLENE of Likas said there were more than four vehicles with flat tires and rusty bodywork alongside Lorong Ujana Kingfisher. She said the abandoned automobiles posed a hazard to residents and pedestrians as they encroached on one of the two lanes of the residential road. “Cars obstruct the view of motorists, making it difficult for them to see oncoming traffic,” she said. Darlene hoped that the town hall would intervene to minimize the likelihood of accidents. She said one of her neighbors contacted the agency about the issue in May but, so far, no action had been taken.
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