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P’pang’s advice to solve wastewater treatment plant problem

Posted on: Thursday April 22, 2021

By: Sidney Skinner

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The drain passes near several neighborhoods, a primary school and part of Donggongon.

The district council plans to upgrade the sewage treatment plant that serves Taman Penampang Phase 2 and Taman Suria to minimize the nuisance caused by the stench from the facility. A council spokesperson said the agency had received an allocation for this purpose from the Ministry of Public Works. “We are working out some of the details of the renovation effort,” he said.


“Once that is done, a call for tenders will be launched. He said council intended to install a new sewage pump as part of the work. “One of the two pumps was stolen after the plant was vandalized last year. “The existing pump has been running at full speed since then because we don’t have the funds to buy a replacement pump. The spokesperson was responding to a taxpayer’s fears about the presence of sewage in a drain near Taman Penampang Phase 2. He said a strong smell of ammonia could be detected in the structure.

We can see effluents discharged into this Penampang drain.

He feared that the effluents would overflow from the district’s wastewater treatment plant. The individual expressed his concerns in a letter to Hotline which was forwarded to Council. The spokesperson confirmed that sewage from the plant was entering the drain, saying it was part of the design of the plant. “This is nothing new. This has been the case since the establishment was created years ago. “The consultant, hired at the time, is also responsible for designing the same type of plant that is used at Taman Millennium. He specified that the effluents discharged into the drain had been filtered beforehand. “The fluid has a ‘hitam, jernih (dark but light)’ appearance and cannot stagnate in the drain. “Our staff frequently inspect the structure to make sure the drainage is working as it should. “


The spokesperson said he had also checked the quality of the rejects from the plant. “It helps us determine that there is nothing wrong with the filtration process at the plant.” ISKANDAR from Penampang said those who stayed near the factory had to keep most of their doors and windows closed in order to prevent the foul smell from getting inside. “These residents have to put up with the lack of ventilation just to minimize this nuisance,” he said. “I can only wonder how their well-being could be affected by inhaling the fumes of the plant.” He said one of his neighbors shared his frustrations with the “feeling of suffocation” inside his house. His friend deplores the discomfort of being locked up, especially during the heatwave that the late state is experiencing. This prompted Iskandar to take a look at the factory. “To my amazement, I found a clear fluid flowing through a concrete gutter from the facility into a large drain nearby. “I have a strong feeling that the untreated sewage is sort of being dumped into the structure.” He felt that such a practice was not only unhygienic, but that it must have a negative impact on the health of residents. He said the drain was flowing near several residential properties, an elementary school and part of Donggongon. Some of those areas were prone to flooding during a downpour, he said. “In these cases, when the drain overflows, raw sewage is likely to spill onto roads and sidewalks near nearby homes, schools and businesses. “On top of that, any cars that will pass through the flood will surely be contaminated with effluent. “Wastewater residues will be washed away by these vehicles to their final destination.” Iskandar said he had communicated his fears to local authorities, including some of the local leaders. He declined to name the politicians he contacted, but admitted that the State Sanitation Department (SSD) and the Department of the Environment (DOE) had been made aware of his sightings. “The SSD has sent an officer to investigate, but I have yet to receive any feedback from the agency regarding my complaint.” Iskandar hoped that these government agencies would give some priority to dealing with this problem before serious damage was done to those who lived and worked in these areas. The spokesperson rebutted the claim that “raw” or “untreated” sewage ended up in the drain, saying this effluent was being treated as it should. “Our staff confirmed this during an inspection after being alerted to the taxpayer’s concerns,” he said. “They were asked to monitor the treatment plant and the area’s drainage to make sure everything is in order.” SSD and DOE spokespersons said they should verify events involving the plant. The former said the ministry would also need to determine whether the plant fell under its jurisdiction. “If this is the case, other measures will be taken,” she said. “The relevant agency will be kept informed of our findings should the contrary prove to be the case.”

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