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Replace communal trash cans, says Kinarut condos

Published on: Friday 01 April 2022

From: Sidney Skinner

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The municipal agents pick up the bagged waste that has accumulated around the damaged communal trash can parked at this recycling centre.

The Papar District Council has asked the Management Company (MC) of some Kinarut Condominiums to replace the property’s communal bins, as many of these receptacles are either damaged or too small to hold the volume of rubbish thrown away by residents. occupants. The council says the poor condition of the bins makes it difficult for its collection team to remove rubbish from the grounds. The town hall, meanwhile, is monitoring a district of Luyang, as illegal dumps have sprung up on some of the residential roads.


The two agencies were responding to separate complaints about waste issues at these locations.

Garbage collectors struggle to lift a trash can with a huge crack in the side.

A council spokesperson said there were eight bin centers inside the condominium compound, each of which had a 650-litre capacity bin. He said the amount of waste generated by the property’s 2,100 units was too much for these receptacles. “Trash cans are often buried under piles of bagged waste that pour out of the doors of individual centers,” he said. “The four-man collection team that visits condominiums faces a daunting task clearing the eight sites. “Our workers have to manually load the plastic bags containing the garbage into our compactor.

A pile of trash is visible at the roadside in Luyang.

“When they finally get to the bin, they have trouble getting it to this vehicle because the bodywork is either damaged or some wheels are missing.” He lamented the difficulty that Council staff have in carrying out their duties in the condominiums because of this. “Our workers are unable to properly remove the bagged waste because of this. “To make matters worse, the co-owners then turn around and claim that they are not doing their job. He advised the MC to consider upgrading communal bins to ones that could hold up to 1,100 litres. “The company should also intensify the maintenance of these containers. This would make it much easier to remove trash from the grounds.


He said the Board would try to raise this issue with MC staff. On claims by a condominium owner that the Phase 2 waste had not been cleaned up for a fortnight, the spokesperson said that the failure of the compactor serving this part of Kinarut was to blame for the problem.

Three compactors were deployed to clear the condominium backlog.

‘The compactor returned from the shop yesterday and was dispatched with two others to clear the property’s backlog of rubbish,’ he said. “Under normal circumstances collection is supposed to take place twice a week here.” LOO of Kinarut expressed concern about the negative impact that the deterioration of the garbage collection service was likely to have on the occupants of the condominiums. “I fear at some point that the stench of rubbish escaping from the dumpster center will lead to an epidemic of some kind,” he said. Besides the stench, he lamented the nuisance created by maggots and flies among the garbage. “The trash has been piling up for so long that the maggots have started crawling over to where our cars are parked next to the trash center.” Loo said he has repeatedly pointed out these issues to the MC but so far the situation has not improved yet. Meanwhile, those who live in a district of Luyang could lose RM500 if they are caught randomly dumping their trash in common areas.

The staff of the town hall gives a notice to the occupant of this house on the Luyang section.

A spokesperson for City Hall’s solid waste management department said that was the maximum compound that could be issued to litter bugs under agency regulations. “The public was made aware of this sanction via notices which were placed in the mailboxes of homes here,” he said. He said that over the past few months, the city hall had repeatedly cleared piles of rubbish from sections of the edge in that part of Luyang. “Periodic inspections will be carried out in the neighborhood to determine who created these illegal dumps.” Luyang University Hospital said it spotted pockets of trash on the shoulder where he lived, intermittently, for more than a year. “I contacted the town hall in March 2021, when I first noticed the rubbish strewn on the edge in front of my door,” he said. Since then, he has filed six separate reports with the agency about the issue. Chu did so most recently in late February. “The pile of rubbish was removed each time and I sometimes saw the staff of the town hall walking around the neighborhood. “Despite this action, the message does not seem to be getting through.” Chu provided Hotline with the location of his home which was passed on to the agency.
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