Sabahan gets vaccinated in Penang


The MySejahtera app gave this man from Kota Kinabalu a vaccination appointment in Penang. (photo by Sabah DAP)

KOTA KINABALU: At a time when inter-district travel is prohibited and no one can go more than 10 km from his home, a man from Kota Kinabalu received a vaccination appointment – in Kepala Batas on mainland Penang .

Sabah DAP secretary Chan Foong Hin said this was one of two complaints from Sabahans about their vaccination appointment, accusing problems in their MySejahtera app.

Chan, who is also an MP for Kota Kinabalu, said that in the first case, a resident of Luyang complained that the app was setting his vaccination appointment in Kudat, more than 300 km north of the capital. of State.

“The second case was even worse. It was a resident of Kota Kinabalu, who received a notice from MySejahtera indicating that his vaccination would be in Penang, ”he said.

According to Chan, the man had received a vaccination appointment at Dewan Milenium Kepala Batas in Seberang Perai Utara on June 9.

He said both cases were reported to Sabah’s director of health, Dr Christina Rundi, and the latter had promised to help complainants change the location of their vaccination centers.

Another man residing in Kota Kinabalu had his appointment set at Kudat, more than 300 km away. (photo by Sabah DAP)

As such, he asked the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Khairy Jamaluddin, to make sure that the problem with MySejahtera is indeed resolved, in order to avoid further mistakes.

“How can MySejahtera, which would have cost millions of ringgits, suffer from such fundamental errors? ” He asked.

Chan said the party was mobilizing its members to help people register for Covid-19 vaccinations through MySejahtera and help the government speed up the vaccination program.

“But I’m sad to say that such a basic mistake will certainly lead to a drop in confidence in the app and frustrate the country’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign.”

Meanwhile, Chan said many elderly people and patients with co-morbidities are still awaiting notification of MySejahtera vaccination.

This despite the fact that they are listed as a priority group in the second phase of the national vaccination program against Covid-19, he added.

He recalled that Masidi Manjun, who is Sabah’s official spokesperson for Covid-19, announced earlier this year that the state’s vaccination plan was due to start on February 26 and will take up to a year to complete. to finish.

“The goal was to vaccinate three million people in Sabah. Based on this, in Sabah alone, an average of 250,000 people are expected to be vaccinated each month, continuously for 12 months.

“However, as of May 31, less than 150,000 people had been vaccinated in Sabah. How can we reach the goal within a year? ” He asked.

Meanwhile, Khairy reportedly said yesterday that the issue of badly assigned vaccination centers has been resolved.

According to him, many people have been assigned to other states for vaccination due to an issue with the Google Maps API used by MySejahtera.

He said additional features have been added to the app, allowing users to confirm their address details, including state and zip codes.


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