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Sembulan, Kg Air restaurants aggravated for waste-related offenses

Posted on: Saturday April 24, 2021

By: Sidney Skinner

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Ministry of Health staff publish a notice in the Bornion region, in front of city hall inspectors.

The town hall issued a total of RM400 in compounds, under its anti-waste regulation, during a restaurant check in Sembulan and the Kg Air region of the state capital earlier this week. The cafe operator was asked to pay 300 RM to dirty the parking lots behind the premises. “Our staff discovered that liquid kitchen waste was being thrown indiscriminately on the road,” she said.


“A customer from another restaurant was given a compound of RM100 for dirtying the five foot path where he was sitting.” She said the action was taken during an anti-smoking exercise conducted by the Kota Kinabalu City Hall and Health Unit (KKHO). The spokeswoman said a 24-member team from both agencies was involved in the crackdown which covered eight premises. The KKHO apparently blamed six people at the time for violating the 2004 Tobacco Product Control Regulations (2018 Amendment), she said. “Five ‘notis kesalahan’ (offense notices) were issued to those caught smoking where it was prohibited, while another was handed over to an owner for allowing it to happen in his restaurant. ”

A Sembulan restaurant owner was convicted of dirtying the road behind his store.

Smoking is prohibited in all restaurants, whether they are air conditioned or not, under the Tobacco Products Control Regulations. The same goes for outdoor premises, including roadside stalls and outdoor hawking centers. The regulations state that smokers are only allowed to light up about three meters from these establishments. Those caught blowing in a “non-smoking” area can be slapped with an RM250 compound, according to this ordinance. If brought to justice, smokers face a fine of up to RM 10,000, serving a jail term of two years or both.


Restaurant operators, meanwhile, face the possibility of having to pay a fine of RM 2,500 for failing to ensure that no one lights up on their premises. The regulations require owners to put up non-smoking signs in their stores. These warnings must measure at least 40 cm x 50 cm. The spokeswoman said the inspection at Sembulan and Kg Air was the second such crackdown on smoking violations, in which the agency participated this month. A similar exercise was carried out a week earlier at Bornion Mall in Luyang, she said. “A smoker received an infraction notice in this case,” she said. She said three HED staff and two KKHO staff worked together to check out 10 restaurants in the area. The town hall’s action on this occasion followed comments from a Luyang peddler about the unpleasant experience he had when he tried to stop a customer from smoking. XANDER, who rents space in a cafe to sell chicken rice, said he had a heated exchange with one of the restaurant’s patrons last month. “The smoker refused to put out his cigarette,” he said. “He turned around and asked me why he should do it. “When I explained that smoking was prohibited inside the cafe, he got angry with me. The chicken-rice seller said the exchange caused him a lot of embarrassment as the argument drew a small crowd of onlookers. He said it wasn’t the first time someone had lit near his stall. “This has been going on for a long time. In December, I reported to the Department of Health on this problem. “At the end of March, when no action was planned, I returned to the same office in Sembulan. “The staff I met could not tell me what the ministry had done with my complaint.” Xander provided Hotline with the name and location of the store where he has his stand. This information was sent to the town hall in April.

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