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Sewers along Jalan Lintas will be rehabilitated

Published on: Friday March 11, 2022

From: Sidney Skinner

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Subcontractor workers connecting a pipe from the City Hall water tanker to a manhole on this residential road in Luyang.

The Public Works Department (PWD) will realign the sewer pipes between Jalan Kolam-Jalan Lintas and Jalan Penampang-Jalan Lintas intersections as many of these pipes were damaged during the construction of the flyovers in these areas. A spokesman for the agency said the Department of Public Works had recently approved a grant to the PWD to rehabilitate the sewers along this part of Jalan Lintas. “The sewer rehabilitation here is being undertaken under an additional agreement in relation to the flyover project,” he said.

“We are still waiting to receive the funds from the Ministry of Finance but the rectification should start two months after us.” He explained that the interval was to allow the company that built the airlifts to mobilize the machinery needed for the job. “It will take approximately 18 months to complete the new alignment around the affected sewer lines.” The spokesperson was responding to calls from a landlady in Luyang about toilet problems she had been experiencing for months. The individual lamented the inability to use his toilet on the ground floor as the contents inside the bowl often rose instead of back when the toilet was flushed. Occasionally, a strange “gurgling noise” could be heard coming from these facilities, even though no one was using them, she said. She said these problems worsen when it rains heavily, as all eyes along her residential road begin to overflow. The resident said that on these occasions, a foul smell of ammonia often emanated from the common area in front of her house. This had made her wonder if the effluent was going to the drain next to the stump. The individual provided Hotline with the location of his residence which was forwarded to the PWD, City Hall and the Sewer Services Department (SSD). A spokesperson for the city hall’s engineering department said they were aware of the sewer problems in this part of Luyang but there was little they could do to remedy the problem. “We’ve had a lot of complaints about overflowing manholes from our ratepayers here,” he said. “We attributed these incidents to a collapse of the sewer line next to Jalan Lintas. “A lot of sewer lines are cracked from the heavy piling involved in the construction of the flyovers.” He said the sewers along the road were supposed to have been moved before this project started.


“The PWD is working to carry out a major rehabilitation of these services. The agency will implement a diversion and relocation of the sewer line, including making connections to new pipes. While waiting for these efforts to start, the spokesperson said that the town hall will try to alleviate the inconvenience caused to owners and traders in the Lintas area. He said agency staff had carried out periodic audits of the sewers serving its ratepayers there. “Our contractor has visited Housing Road, where the complainant is staying, on several occasions over the past four months. “However, his tanker truck cannot contain all the sewage discharged from the residences here in one go. once.” He explained that the tanker had a capacity of 5,000 liters. “It usually takes several trips to pump out the contents of all eyes, but the sewer line will be full again within a few days.” Asked about the nuisance created by the stench, the spokesperson admitted that effluent was temporarily being discharged into the sewers of the accommodation. “We will try to find ‘another lower point’ in which to empty this stinking liquid. “We have installed a permanent pump inside one of the manholes here.The float switch, which operates the device, will only activate when the effluent level is high.A SSD spokeswoman confirmed the damage to the main s sewer lines from Jalan Lintas. “The main pipes need urgent attention because effluent from neighborhoods and shopping centers in the area is not being properly transported to the regional sewage treatment plant here,” she said. “The sewer line was affected during the construction of the flyovers.” She said the PWD had been trying for some time to get funds so they could start dealing with the sewer lines along the main road.

The new manhole, built under the pillars for the Lintas viaduct in March (left). The effluent level inside the manhole was nearly full when the metal cover was opened (right).


“A proposal was submitted to the federal government in November. We had to understand that the ministry had agreed in principle to this plan. “Our PWD peers are waiting for the necessary documents to be signed so that the work can continue.” SIMONE from Luyang said she and her husband had been relying on her first-floor toilet for a few months. She said the manhole outside her front yard overflowed several times during that time. “At one point I hired a plumber to fix this,” she said. “I could see that the contents of the manhole were almost up to the edge when his workers opened the metal cover. “The plumber informed me that he could try to pump out the sewage, but the manhole would probably be full again the next day.” Simone said she reported the sightings to City Hall in December and officers came to her accommodation route shortly after. “They confirmed that the manhole between me and my neighbour’s land was clogged and effluent was spilling over the edge.” She said a blue tanker truck, with the agency’s name painted on it, had visited the area on and off since then, with workers seen extending a hose from the vehicle to the manholes there -low. “Earlier this month, I noticed that part of the road, under the flyover pillars closest to me, was being dug out. “A new sewer manhole has been put in there in place a few days later. All of this activity has me wondering if the local authorities are preparing to do anything more to solve the sewer problems here.
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