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Slow internet connection in Kinarut

Posted on: Friday July 30, 2021

By: Oliver Voon

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The implementation of home teaching and learning (PdPR) for students nationwide is critical during the current lockdown period, but it is only effective for those with a connection Fast and powerful internet. This is not the case for students residing at Kampung Langkuas in Kinarut, Papar, however, where they have complained about the slow internet connection since the start of this year. Their parent, LAURENTIUS, who contacted Hotline recently, pointed out that the slow UNIFI broadband connection at home had hampered their efforts to take the courses online on several occasions.


“I have reported the problem to the service provider before, but to no avail and I don’t know where to go for help,” he lamented. He said he tried to fix the problem on his own, but the problem persisted. “I tried to turn off the modem for two minutes but we still didn’t get the optimal speed that I paid for each month. “I’m not saying it was always slow, but it happened so frequently regardless of the weather conditions,” he added. Apart from this, he is also facing a similar problem to get optimum internet speed to watch online movies or radio channels on his computer.


“Sometimes the buffering takes longer than 30 minutes or even longer than what annoyed me so much,” he added. He did not understand why the situation persisted despite the fact that the village was located about 20 km from the city. “It is time for the service provider to improve its services for the inconvenience of end users who have paid their bills regularly,” he added. Ironically, he said the government agreed to install seven telecommunications towers in Kudat and two more in Tenom, but neglected the plight of residents of the Kinarut region for better internet connectivity. “What’s the point of paying our monthly fees if we don’t get the services we subscribe to?” A spokesperson for Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) said its staff in the technical section would be asked to verify the complaint as soon as possible. “We will contact the subscriber to obtain more details on the matter and to inform him of the actions taken on our side subsequently,” he added. He said UNIFI equipment in this part of the district would be checked for any irregularities. “We regretted the inconvenience caused to him and his family during the period when internet service was down,” he added.

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