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Street lights finally work after 6 months

Posted on: Thursday, September 30, 2021

By: Sidney Skinner

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A council staff member checks the control panel for street lights in a part of Taman Eramas.

AFTER a six-month delay, a technical failure that caused streetlights to go down in two districts of Penampang was finally dealt with. A district council spokesperson said power was restored to these facilities at Taman Eramas 118 and Taman Sri Juta in mid-September. after workers from Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) completed the work. “Our contractor visited both areas soon after to check if everything was in order,” he said.


“Three lights were found to be out of order in Taman Eramas. Damaged components were replaced on site before these facilities could be activated. He said that there was nothing wrong with the lights in Taman Sri Juta at the time. The spokesperson said the council will step up efforts to monitor the lights at both locations to ensure they are not malfunctioning. “The contractor was instructed to be more attentive to any failure and to try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. “Our officers also intend to meet with SESB staff to discuss how such a long delay could be avoided in the future.” The council apparently alerted the company earlier this year that no electricity was reaching the lights, it said. “We called the company’s 15454 – Customer Management Center – after our technicians confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the mechanisms serving these facilities. He was not, however, able to say when the SESB was first notified. “Several calls were made to the company and, when no action was taken after a few months, a report from our technicians on the inoperative lights was also submitted to the company.”

A city hall contractor is preparing to deal with the hanging light bulb on this section of the Kolombong-Lintas ring road.

JON, who lives in Taman Eramas, said residential roads in the neighborhood had not been lit for nearly six months. He claimed that the Council had been informed on several occasions of this situation but, so far, the lampposts had not yet been restored. “I filled out a complaint form at the council office in March and was assured at the time that staff would get back to me on this issue,” he said.


“Several of my neighbors have also contacted the town hall to which we pay a contribution. “So far, however, the stretch is still surrounded by darkness.” Jon said the lack of lighting made him concerned about the well-being and safety of his family and property. “I fear that unscrupulous parties are taking advantage of the situation to commit mischief in the region. DIN from Penampang, on the other hand, lamented the dangers of driving home to Taman Sri Juta at night. “It is difficult to assess the movement of pedestrians and vehicles ahead when the street lights are out,” he said. “Drivers’ visibility is even more impeded if there is a downpour after dark. “I’m afraid someone will be run over or a serious accident could happen if the local authorities don’t intervene.” Meanwhile, the town hall has dealt with irregularities related to street lighting along the section of the Kolombong-Lintas ring road and in phase 5 of Luyang. A spokesperson for the agency’s engineering department said that in both cases his skymaster was deployed to aid efforts to resolve these issues. “Our contractor discovered that the housing of one of the lights on the divider, in the middle of the main road between Metro Town and the junction with Neutron Point, had come loose and reattached it to the pole,” he said. -he declares. “The individual also repaired the connections to some of the lights along Jalan Kijang in Luyang.” He said that maintenance is being carried out on these facilities as and when it becomes necessary. “Because our assessment area covers a large area, our staff cannot be everywhere at once to determine when and where the street lights are failing. “We therefore hope that the public will inform us directly of any problems with this equipment to ensure that the lighting can be restored as quickly as possible.” VERON from Luyang noticed that a street light bulb on the divider had been dislodged and was hanging from a wire after heavy rains in September. She was worried that the hanging component could fall out at any time. “I hope that the town hall will solve this problem before a serious accident occurs, because hundreds of cars use the ring road daily. Another Luyang resident, RAY, said several of the lights along Jalan Kijang where he is staying had been inoperative for some time. He said these facilities appeared to be running intermittently. “At the time of the Hari Raya Haji holiday, they broke down. The problem was reported to city hall and soon after, the lights were on, ”he said. “A week later they were out of service again. ”

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