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Streetlights: Papar Council and Kota Kinabalu Town Hall urged to step up surveillance

Published on: Friday July 15th, 2022

From: Sidney Skinner

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The town hall technician cleans climbing plants on a control panel in Jalan Papar.

Technicians from the PAPAR District Council and Town Hall (DBKK) have been told to step up their surveillance of Jalan Papar Spur and Taman Luyang after problems with street light photocells left those areas poorly lit for some time, recently. Penampang District Council, meanwhile, hopes to restore lighting along a section of Jalan Bundusan by next month, once a new control panel for streetlights has been installed. The action follows comments from a Papar motorist and landlords – in Luyang and Penampang – about irregularities involving street lighting in those locations.

The former did not understand why the streetlights at Jalan Papar Spur were on during the day but not at night. The taxpayer from Luyang said most common areas around her neighborhood were plunged into darkness as the lights only worked intermittently. His counterpart in Penampang, on the other hand, was worried that his Taman Reservoir Phase 2 home would be burglarized at night. He said the area outside his garden, which was close to Jalan Bundusan, had not been lit for months. A spokesperson for Papar District Council said its staff visited Jalan Papar Spur shortly after being contacted by Hotline. “They first suspected the lights timer might not be working as it should,” he said. “However, upon further examination, it was discovered that there was something wrong with the photocells in this equipment.” He said agency technicians repaired faulty components and cleared vines that had grown on control panels in that area. “Our staff kept the road under observation, in the days that followed, to ensure that the lights turned on after sunset and turned off after sunrise. “They also checked that the mechanisms inside the control panels were in order.’ The spokesman said Council technicians had been asked to be more diligent in checking street lights under its maintenance. He admitted, however, that he It was often difficult for them to face up to their responsibilities.“Our classification area extends from Lok Kawi to Bongawan.


“We don’t have enough manpower to cover such a large area. Even if we did, however, it would be impossible for our staff to be everywhere at once. He said the agency should hand over lights on major and national roads around the district to the Public Works Department. “In the meantime, the Council’s technicians will try to do their best to ensure that these public spaces are adequately lit at night. A city hall spokesman said the contractor, responsible for maintaining lights in Luyang, had been alerted to areas of darkness in Taman Luyang. “A skymaster has been deployed to the neighborhood to assist with efforts to check the status of this equipment,” he said. “The photocells of some lights have been found to be damaged.” He said repairs were carried out on site, with contractor workers also taking care of any wiring issues when needed. “Checks were carried out on the residential roads here, intermittently, for a week, after which the contractor confirmed that everything was fine with the lights. “Nevertheless, we have asked him to carry out regular inspections to ensure that the lighting problems do not recur. A spokesperson for the Penampang District Council said a contractor had just been given the task of setting up a new control panel on Jalan Bundusan. “He has received his appointment letter and is expected to start working on the panel next week,” he said on July 14. He explained that an unknown driver had met with the previous panel earlier this year. The panel’s casing was ripped from its foundation, with the mechanisms inside completely demolished, according to the spokesperson.


“Our efforts to try to identify the culprit have so far proved unsuccessful. “The police had no prior knowledge of what happened, until we brought it to their attention. “We suspect whoever hit the sign did not make an insurance claim for the damage to their vehicle.” Because of this, he said, council had no choice but to request a quote to have the panel replaced. Papar’s SELMA was driving on Jalan Papar Spur around 11 a.m. on a recent Monday when she noticed the streetlights on the divider were on. “I wonder who pays for this extravagant use of electricity,” she wondered. She said such wastage was unacceptable given Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd’s calls for consumers to conserve energy and limit unnecessary energy use. “I used the road later that night to pick up my husband from his office in the city. “To my dismay, none of the streetlights were on.”
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