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” To restart ! “
“We are witnessing the black swan of all black swans.”
“We are now in the ‘pause’ phase of actually resetting life on planet Earth.”[1]

Asia Culture Center organizes the 2020 ACC Gwangju and Asian artists exhibition UN-TACT from October 15, 2020 to March 14, 2021. Unlike previous iterations of the annual series of exhibitions by local artists launched in 2017, which focused on solo and duo exhibitions, UN-TACT is a special exhibition featuring several artists from Gwangju, Korea, as well as Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo.

“Un-tact” is a term coined in Korea that combines the word “contact” with the prefix “un”, which means negation or opposition. Its meaning encompasses the concepts of non-face-to-face and non-contact.[2] As the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our daily experiences, “non-tact” has the potential to become the new normal in the post-COVID-19 era. In this exhibition, seven young artists with singular voices react acutely to the rapid changes taking place here and now, and they present their projects as a forum for discussion and deliberation on our post-pandemic lives.

The blind belief in materialism and globalization (Lu Yang) has led to the destruction of the environment. Ironically, destruction motivated our return to nature (Haru.K, Yang Xinguang). The emergence of a disease that affects both humans and other animals has given people more time to deliberate on the need for a balanced ecosystem (Zhang Xu Zhan), and to return to the complexity of the human society hidden behind the weight of life. (Miao Ying). In today’s world, we are witnessing black swans in every corner of our life from our homes (b-cone), religion (Lu Yang) and politics (Tsubasa Kato). We hope that the exhibition will provide visitors with an opportunity to face the light and dark sides of ‘non-tact’, experience its practical separation and expanded communication, and consider a new plan for the future.

Organized by Lucia Eunyoung Kwon

[1] Thomas Frey, one of the world’s top futurists appointed by Google and director of the DaVinci Institute in the United States, when asked to sum up the world after COVID-19 in one word, answered the question with the word “Black Swan”. What he meant by the expression was an event that takes place against everyone’s expectation. Kim Mikyung, Kim Mikyung’s reboot (Paju: Woongjin Knowledge House, 2020), p. 147.

[2] “Tactless” marketing, which provides information while minimizing human contact, caught the attention of academics early on. For example, Professor Kim Rando of the Department of Consumer Science at Seoul National University mentioned it as one of the top ten consumer trends in 2018. The COVID-19 pandemic has fueled the spread of this new trend. See Current Affairs Dictionary (PMg Knowledge Engine Institution).

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