Unifrax, backed by Clearlake Capital, becomes Alkegen

BUFFALO, NY and SANTA MONICA, Calif., January 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Unifrax, a leading manufacturer of high performance specialty materials used in advanced applications, today announced that it has changed its name to Alkegen to reflect the new company created following the acquisition of Lydall at the end of last year, and will also move its headquarters to Dallas, TX. Alkegen brings together two of the world’s leading specialty materials platforms and represents a new chapter for a unified, innovation-driven company.

Alkegen is well positioned to be the leader in specialty materials serving the critical systems the world is focusing on for the future, including: battery technologies, electric vehicles, filtration media and specialty insulation materials that enable customers to reduce fossil fuel consumption, save energy and live greener.

John DandolphePresident and CEO of Alkegen, explained, “Our new name helps define this global platform with differentiated and sustainability-focused advanced materials. Customers will discover Alkegen as a brand that helps the planet breathe easier, live greener and go further. than ever before. Alkegen is an exceptional platform of specialist materials that we believe is unmatched in the world today. »

The name Alkegen is a modern adaptation of two words that are central to the company’s identity and mission. “Alke” is derived from the word “Alchemy”, which connotes transformational innovation and breakthroughs in what is possible. “Gen” is an abbreviated form of “Next Generation” and reflects Alkegen’s focus on human health and a sustainable future. Alkegen’s green ‘bow’ in the logo represents collaboration, connectivity and a horizon signifying the global nature of the company, its constant innovation and forward progress.

“Our new name is just the start of our journey as a brand,” added Dandolph. “Our vision is to be the world’s leading innovative specialty materials platform dedicated to sustainability and human health, while serving industries that address some of the critical issues facing our society today. .”

“Combining Unifrax and Lydall as Alkegen is an important step in developing the platform we’ve built in partnership with John and his team over the past few years,” said José E. Feliciano, co-founder and managing partner. , and Colin LeonardPartner, to Clearlake. “Alkegen’s mission to create solutions for a cleaner, more sustainable society is more important than ever. Alkegen is truly a one-of-a-kind specialty materials platform that is having a transformative impact, and we are proud to continue to support the growth of a true industry leader through our OPS® value creation framework.

Alkegen also announced the move of its head office to new offices in Dallas, TX this spring. This new facility will serve as the headquarters for the Company’s Filtration and Battery businesses. Unifrax’s current headquarters in Tonawanda, New Yorkwill continue to serve as the headquarters for the company’s thermal insulation and emissions control activities.

“The decision to base our corporate, filtration and battery teams in dallas demonstrates our commitment to growing the business and making Alkegen a world leader focused on cutting-edge technologies,” explained Dandolph. dallas will allow us to attract the best talent and interact more effectively with our customers around the world.”

Alkegen brings a diverse ecosystem of thermal management, building and fire protection products, new step-change battery and filtration technology, and unmatched global reach with more than 60 manufacturing facilities that provide customers with innovation, speed and agility. With a pool of experienced talent and a global base of over 9,000 employees, including some of the world’s leading thermal management and filtration experts, Alkegen is well positioned to help its customers make a significant positive impact on the environment. .

To learn more about Alkegen, including brand, customer and application specific information, please visit the company’s new website at www.alkegen.com.

About Alkegen
Alkegen develops and manufactures specialized high performance materials used in advanced applications including high temperature industrial insulation, filtration media, battery technologies for electric vehicles and energy storage, and protection against fires, among others. Alkegen products are designed with the ultimate goal of saving energy, reducing pollution and improving the safety of people, buildings and equipment. Alkegen has over 60 manufacturing plants operating around the world and employs over 9,000 employees worldwide. More information is available at www.alkegen.com. For updates, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

About Clearlake
Clearlake Capital Group, LP is a leading investment firm founded in 2006 that operates integrated businesses in private equity, credit and other related strategies. With a sector-based approach, the firm seeks to partner with world-class management teams by providing patient, long-term capital to dynamic companies that can benefit from Clearlake’s operational improvement process, OPS® The main target sectors of the company are industry, technology and consumer. Clearlake currently has more $60 billion of assets under management and its senior investment managers have led or co-led more than 300 investments. The company has offices in santa monica and dallas. More information is available at www.clearlake.com and on Twitter @ClearlakeCap.

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