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Warning “Don’t let the dogs run wild”

Published on: Thursday, June 23, 2022

From: Sidney Skinner

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The dogs on this Penampang road have become ‘friends’ with Council staff after coming to smell it.

Kota Kinabalu: The district council has reprimanded two dog owners in Penampang for releasing their animals unattended on their residential road, while the town hall is monitoring stray dogs on two stretches in a district of Luyang. This action was prompted by feedback from ratepayers in these respective areas on the nuisance created by these canids. A Council spokesperson said the two dog owners were reminded of the agency’s guidelines on keeping such pets, including the need to accompany their dogs when such animals are in the spaces. neighborhood commons.

“They were asked to keep their dogs inside their enclosure, if they were unable to do so,” he said. “One of the pair was also asked to fix his fence as it appeared his pets had cut a hole in a section through which to escape from his yard.” Both individuals agreed to comply with the Council’s demands, he said. The agency’s action was prompted by a claim, by one KANNY, that bystanders had been chased by stray dogs on the road in front of his house. “I almost got bitten when I went for a jog one morning,” she said. “Three dogs came after me around 6am. Fortunately, I managed to outrun them and return safely to my enclosure. Kanny provided the Hotline with the location of her the name of the residential road on which the incident occurred. This information has been forwarded to the Board. The spokesperson said three officers from his Animal and Vector Unit (UVA) visited his neighborhood around 6 a.m., two days after learning what had happened. “Three dogs approached one of our employees at the time, none of them behaved aggressively or threatened to bite him. They barked at him, at first , but stopped after coming to smell it.” He said UVA staff strongly suspected that they had been domesticated and were not “liar anjing” (wild dogs), because of their behavior. These agents eventually discovered that two of them belonged to an owner in the area, while the third was raised by another, according to him. “We managed to identify these people with the help of a non-governmental organization (NGO) that works with the Council to look after the welfare of animals around Penampang.”

The spokesperson said the UVA will periodically monitor events in the neighborhood to ensure dog owners are following agency instructions. Meanwhile, the city hall’s Animal Control Division (ACD) has been mobilized to do the same in a neighborhood in Luyang, after a person living there expressed displeasure at the unrest caused by a pack of dogs. A spokeswoman for the agency’s health and environment department, to which the CDA reports, said she found no stray animals on residential roads. “ACD staff armed with nets walked through common areas,” she said. “One of our open trucks has been deployed to facilitate this effort.” Although she returned empty-handed, she, the ACD, carried out random inspections of the neighborhood to ensure that the public was not unduly disturbed by dogs. The spokeswoman reminded dog owners around Kota Kinabalu to ensure their pets are kept inside their enclosure. “The CDA team is authorized to catch any canines found stray by themselves. “Those with a tag will be confiscated, with their owners given a grace period to claim them.” She said taxpayers would have to settle up to RM500 before their pets are returned to them. MELANIE and her family didn’t get a good night’s rest from the sound of barking dogs in the Luyang area where she lives. She suspected the uproar had been started by a pack of stray dogs she had seen on residential roads. “There are about 10 dogs I’ve seen roaming around my neighborhood,” she said.


“If one of them starts howling in the early morning, all the other animals nearby will also start howling. “The same thing happens if they bark at another dog inside one of the houses here.” Melanie said the sound of barking gets louder and more intrusive later on. “This is especially true when the ambient noise in our surroundings subsides after midnight. The ensuing din wakes you up and makes it difficult for you to go back to sleep. She claimed that part of the pack also grumbled at garbage collectors who came to the neighborhood. “Now I look left and right to see if any of the dogs are around before I take out the trash in my bin. “I’m afraid they’ll come after me.”
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