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Water Department monitors supply to Penampang and Luyang

Published on: Friday 06 May 2022

From: Sidney Skinner

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Water utility personnel walk to the bulk meter and underground tanks at Penampang apartments.

Water Department staff are monitoring the supply in parts of Penampang and Luyang to minimize water problems that consumers in these places have experienced. A spokesperson for the agency said it was aware that the taps at the properties, off the old-style Jalan Minintod and Jalan Dimpoukon, had periodically gone dry over the past month. He said bad weather the state capital experienced at the time was to blame for the problem.


Production at the Department’s Kasigui processing plant has been interrupted several times due to torrential rains. He said heavy rains had made the water in the river, which was carried to the plant, extremely cloudy once too often in April. “The increasing amount of sediment and other foreign particles in the chamber compromised the quality of the supply during production,” he said. “For this reason, we were forced to have the Kasigui plant’s mixing chamber cleaned ahead of schedule.” He said the coagulant was mixed with the raw water in the “chamber” which was usually serviced twice a year. “We have decided to revise this schedule due to bad weather and have the chamber attend around mid-April.” Shortly after that interview, he said, the agency detected high levels of manganese in the river water. He said that activities at the plant sometimes had to be interrupted, during the second half of the month, to deal with this problem.

Agency staff confirmed that the supply was coming into the tanks inside the compound of the apartments.

“Production at the plant has dropped by 20-30 million liters per day, which has led to a supply shortage at surrounding properties, including those around the Minintod and Dimpoukon regions.” He said around 53 million liters of treated water were produced daily at the plant, under normal circumstances. “We continue to monitor the situation in this part of Penampang. “If necessary, we will adjust the valve on the distribution network to try to regulate the supply to our consumers here.” He said department staff also carry out frequent checks on the main distribution pipes leading to Lorong Pokok Merbau, as consumers in Luyang have also been affected by intermittent production at the Kasigui plant. The spokesperson was responding to complaints from two landlords in Luyang and a resident of an apartment in Penampang about the erratic supply in their respective areas. They said they were often without tap water for hours and sometimes even days.

ALYSTER, who occupies a second-floor apartment, was unhappy with the erratic supply in his building. “I only get treated water between 5:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. and, again, 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.,” he said. “Previously it was available until 9am and 9pm but, for months now, the taps have been running dry before then.” He said the water pressure entering his unit had also been low on several occasions. “I noticed that when it drains, the supply disappears after less than half an hour.” Alyster said he grew tired of contacting the Department and the Property Management Company (MC) about these issues. “I have been experiencing these difficulties, intermittently, since February. “The supply has not improved despite my many calls for help.

The water pressure inside the main pipes leading to this meter in Luyang was high when Department personnel visited the area.

CHIN and CHRIS, who both lived in Luyang, said tap water only came into their homes from around 1 or 2 a.m. They said there wasn’t a drop of water available around 7am or 8am. “It’s been happening for a year,” they said. “We are wondering if our supply issues might have something to do with some condominiums that are being built in our area.” Chin said Department personnel seemed unaware of what was going on in their neighborhood. “Careline staff told me that I was the only owner who reported this issue,” he said.


Chris, on the other hand, couldn’t understand why he and others staying along Lorong Pokok Merbau had been hit with these water issues. “My friend, who lives in a nearby residential area, told me he had no problem with his supply. It gets tap water 24 hours a day.” The trio provided Hotline with the dates of the most recent disruptions. This information was passed on to the agency. The spokesperson said Department staff checked the condition of the distribution line leading to the Penampang apartments and Luyang district soon after learning of the issues. “They cleaned all the airlocks inside the transmission pipes before the respective meters and rechecked the water pressure inside,” he said. “At the time, they found the pressure on both sites to be acceptable.” They got off at Lorong Pokok Merbau twice – at different times in the morning and afternoon – and once at Jalan Dimpoukon. In the case of the latter, agency staff also examined the balance and soil tanks inside the apartment compound, according to the spokesperson. “They have confirmed that incoming supply is coming into these facilities.” “We urge our consumers to report any irregularities directly to us so that we can address these issues as soon as possible.”
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