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Water supply problems due to growing demand: Bung

Published on: Saturday April 23, 2022

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Kota Kinabalu: The state government, especially the Department of Water, is always sensitive to the problem of interruption of water supply which occurs in almost all districts of Sabah. Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin said this is a long-standing issue that has occurred not only under the Gabungan Rakyat Sabah (GRS)-Barisan Nasional (BN) administration, but also under the former Warisan Party (Warisan government). He said water supply problems in Sabah are attributed to growing demand, while some water treatment plants could not function properly due to inconsistent water supply from rivers.

Bung believed that the problem is also due to leaks from main pipes built from the UK government, which have never been modified to date, while illegal pipe connections around Kota Kinabalu also contribute to the problem. “The state government will not remain silent or pledge to take any short or long term action to remedy this” Our short term action is to make water rations, to enable the distribution so that affected residents are not further affected and assistance with the provision of clean water will be provided by the Department of Water if the situation becomes more critical,” he said in a statement in response to the Luyang Phoong Assemblyman Jin Zhe who had posted on his social media page about the government’s lack of action on Sabah’s water problems. Bung, who is also Minister of Public Works, said Phoong should be reminded that the previous Warisan government, of which the Democratic Action Party (DAP) was a part, had also failed to improve and strengthen water supply in Sabah.

He reminded Phoong not to misrepresent Sabah’s water issues by linking them to other issues such as the Sky Train and casinos. Bung said that in the long term, the government will set up the Sabah Water Services Commission, which is one of the initiatives included in Sabah’s leadership. He said it had already been discussed in the cabinet and it had even been proposed that Sabah’s water supply should be privatised. “Whatever is the best way to solve the problem of water supply in Sabah, the government will implement it. “Even so, keep in mind that what we plan today is impossible to implement tomorrow. This is not the story of Aladdin’s magic lamp,” he said.


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